Simultaneity of time-space

There is strange connectedness in things that have made it to reality apart from necessity is the will to be that material world or which the matter exhibits. So does matter have a will? The matter has a consciousness that is subliminal in the sense it is there yet not aware of itself but of the other world that is beyond it.

According to Jung, the supernatural or extrasensory phenomena does exist. So the subliminal nature of matter is verified in the plausibility of Quantum Physics.

What is beyond reflection or fantasy of reality is the unknown unconscious world that lay as a condition of life to search for meaning.  Ego- adaptive world seeks meaning in one life that is lived.

The observed one and the observer are one in reality for it is the subject interference that causes the observer to observe the reality and ending up observing himself. It could be that all events are simultaneous to the existence and the observation is an illusion of doing observation

So if we overcome the very existence of ego by transcending space through beliefs in the extrasensory perception, we will see the interconnectedness of all events that are happening as if God at his helm is driving through the life. So we yield to dissolving the intuition of space and time into a state of blissful oneness with the cosmos.


How I determine the universe?

Between two undetermined possibilities, we exist, before and after, though both are infinite in quantities. What is after the present moment is unknown so is what was the before, what was there well prior to the existence of a fact? Like what was before I, is undetermined for me so is what was before the beginning of the universe is indeterminate for the universe. So everything in the universe has definite beginning beyond which it is undetermined for the entity in question and what it is going to be after the present moment for the entity is equally undetermined.

Between this incertitude, we live believing the present to be of some consequence which it is not.It is the subject of the thinking being that he understands the objects in becoming certain for a moment something that actually he was not before and he would not be the same after and that is fictional existent for the substance and cannot be known but is the fiction of thinking substance as it deems fit. Likewise, an electron becomes a particle when observed otherwise it is a wave, thus prooving the particle is the fiction of the mind. Now all the minds in the universe produce an image of an electron means the fiction is coming from the common consciousness of the universe from where is abstracted everything the mind believes in.

The will determine the world as an end for itself and this end is ‘love essence’, love, for which the intellect pursues anything it fancies.

The free will is there though fictional existent demands it is difficult to know the fictional substance as a thing-in-itself. The free will works at the macroscopic level when I need to determine the end of my will and I am free to choose what I fancy especially in the political climate that endorses democracy. The free will in the universe arises from indeterminate beginnings and ends for the objects. If I cannot determine before an event then I am free to choose what I will and similarly if I cannot determine what is after an event, I opt for an end.

Determinism of will

Willpower is a quality considered to be worth having in a contingent world where chance precedes every order of the world. I need so many objects in the world whether concrete or abstract like a home, love, family etc. How could I will an idea to act upon if I don’t attribute myself to an idea worth having? Unlike ascetics who deny the world any chance to make meaning out of existence, I must determine will to be or with something.

Though determinism of will hardly means attributing self to any preconceived end. I must make an unconditional commitment to the highest good before I could determine the will. Otherwise, the contingent world would fail and the existence might become difficult without setting an unconditional.  Yet the material world, matter as whole demands a possibility of an end prior to determination of will. There has to be something present in the world which makes me behave morally and this ‘end’ in case of transcendence to absolute God could be the empathy with cosmos on bigger level of  scale where we as an individual yield a practical reason to be thankful for the existence of cosmos in general and our love for it in particular. So before we reach a common end before I determine my will, I must consider ‘love essence’ which is the essence of ethical and fictional substance.