The true essence of Himalayas

Himalayas are the alter ego of God as it is evident in its beauty as in its loftiness. If God had beauty it would commensurate with the beauty of the Himalayas. The Himalayas means the abode of snow. It is with the God spirit that Pandit Jawaharl Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India empathized with Himalayas where his ashes was spread upon his death.

The becoming of universal spirit is the essence of the Himalayas. What does spirituality of the man means? Oneness with the cosmic spirit and so the Himalayas does the proxy of the cosmic spirit on the earth.

What is matter is the differentiation between various particles but the form of Himalayas seems to unite the matter into one holistic spirit. It could mean that the Himalayas is the personification of spirit that could exist in the matter. It is not animism that things have spirit, it is spiritualism that matter has one cosmic spirit.

It is because of the aloofness from the worldly ties that man thinks of intermingling with the cosmic spirit that in the past men or sages in search of Knowledge visited the Himalayas. The Himalayas represents the purity of thought hence towering imagination, the source of knowledge and the possession of beauty.

The more important expect of the Himalayas is the transcendence from the worldly ties hence going beyond matter into the world beyond where there rules the one true Brahman the self, as the cosmic seed, representing the oneness of the cosmos. To plunge into such oneness by overcoming the rigors of weather and life, the sages seem to amass knowledge of being with the God. So Knowledge is of two types, one that of matter and the other that of spirit while the former is immanent, the latter is transcendental . So it is the becoming of a transcendental spirit that the true essence of Himalayas lies in.


Occurrence as condition for time travel

Occurrence of event is time and no occurrence is copy of past or future depending upon if the event is yet to occur otherwise it must be past. If it never occurred it must be the future so we could travel between the time occurrences. Einstein proposed time as occurring relative to motion and also time continues to occur when there is no motion. Sitting you are moving into future and receding away from the event in opposite direction could take you into the past. So as we move further away from the western coast of the US we move into the past while travelling towards London we move into the future. Since the distances are covered in finite period of time we remain in ‘now’ as time is extending into infinite future. Thus for me the future is fiction which out of finite possibilities happen in a particular occurrence that is already stored in the future slice of time.

Like the possible combinations I can have with three cards out of a deck of cards, time has infinite combinations out of which I draw say only three occurrences as to what is happening to me ‘now’. As I read those three occurrences like when I brought wine, I lost my wallet and with it my driving license. The purchasing of wine is an occurrence corresponding to which I lost my wallet which is another occurrence. These occurrences run through in future is time travel prior to their call for happening.

Romancing the search engines as neurotic

Though bound by instinctual and economic needs we could outgrow search engines to fancy all the artistic or philosophical competency we have. The search engines care for what is prevalent thought through out the history that you could write a moving prose about eighteenth or nineteenth century and could receive a pat on the shoulders from search engines.

What to care about is what is my mastery? The mastery alone entitles love from the fairer sex. The women tend to fall for the men who are masters of some technical or artistic ability and more so if they could turn out to be the masters of their own destiny. So in a way search engines and women could be clubbed together subsuming the classification of species. So search engine is a species that don’t have mind of their own  but could crawl on the mind of others. Some would demand SEO as visionary or a field respectful of mastery but that is not the case, You cannot optimise search engine though your optimised content could meet a death wish from the search engines.

Are the search engines maniac depressive that they drive the content that is overtly pleasing and optimistic in nature to the top? It seems so. The works of great philosophers though might have been rendered fashion less in the current epoch could be cast away as unwanted by the search engines because search engines want to evince a response from the society that is more affirming with the current norms.

So are we in favour for the SEO being reclassified as it looses the value it affords to the content and the content might be fresh and creative. Either the content is fresh or creative, the fresh content is what’s happening in the tone of twitter while creative is what depends upon the whims of the audience as they might choose what pleases them as the writer is not established or the creative content is obscure.

As Freud went about curing the neurosis of mind that search engines are creating the neurosis of mind as they happen to shape the consciousness of man in more ways than one and when the consciousness comes in contact with reality as being held by the audience, it suffers from neurosis.

Learning to drive

Suffer and more suffering doesn’t make man fit enough to challenge the order of the world. You are lost in the garden of Eden where the forbidden fruit impels for suffering in silence but then you had asked for knowledge and love doesn’t go about the standards we find in the bookish academic life that attracts the recluse and rejects the creative mind. Amid the fight with my demons I set out to learn how to drive to overcome the pangs of forbidden love that like forbidden fruit asks to forsake everything. Then I had lost the touch with the music that love fills every moment with. I was a leftover dredge looking to find solitude in love. But it was a downfall, fall more sinister than any gangster could afflict with injuries of brutality. I was picking up the shards of broken mirror which did reflect thousand faces through each of its dredges.

I was behind the wheels and having forgotten the pangs of loving Mary, I concentrated on the road direct to make a contact with speed so as to overcome any thought of her. I was doing great at the wheels when suddenly an old man popped up in the middle of the street. There was no way to go either way, I jammed the hand brake and loo it just brushed the old man while he tossed back a little and fell on to the road. I had a victim on my list and wondered if I have to end up behind the bars but luck had another story to narrate. He had escaped unhurt and my journey on learning the wheels continued.

It had been middle of night when the snow froze over chimney and clear stars shone the light of imminent joy that I could feel staring at them with a fixed mind about driving among them with someone special as the day would dawn we would return to our nest but that was  a dream, the dream of forgotten echoes of the past which now clanking in present. I must divorce the idea of driving a car and space ship which to the fervent mind doesn’t make much of difference.

Europe on $5 a day

Europe on $5 a Day by Arthur Frommer. The little book first appeared in 1957 and it revolutionized travel for thousands of North Americans. Wiley published a 50th anniversary edition in 2007, and happily,  was one of the lucky giveaway winners.Travelling to watch champions league matches,the book could come a handy.