Three observations about Time

1. Time is unreal, relative and infinite that it ticks forever maybe it has an end when it   begins to tick again like an eternal spirit.

2.There is a possibility when time exists as an independent dimension in another parallel universe where it extends from -infinity to +infinity without any matter hence without any event which could be termed as timelessness, in other words, time is forever existing as a singularity.

3.A discrete quantum state that particle experiences with respect to the previous state, the difference in the two states is passage of matter and hence measure of time, though the previous state does not exist hence there is no past.


Integration of matter

Before big-bang the universe existed as one giant particle without any differentiation, there was no distance and size did not matter. It was the ideal case with no perfect ideal. Though it would have mass, yet no distance hence no space. The one particle type did not have any time-period for it had the infinite frequency.

Moving from infinite frequency to zero frequency and the birth of space

Expanding time indicates infinite frequency which could yield an infinitesimally small velocity.

Infinitesimally small velocity could yield a momentum sufficient enough to cause big-bang which is basically differentiation of matter. Such velocity is therefore for sufficient infinite time which has infinite interval such that time is zero. Infinitesimally small velocity yielding a sufficient momentum over the infinite period of time could be called integration of matter. So there must be a divine force for big-bang to occur which was not randomly chosen but must be the result of infinite small additions of infinite intervals of time yielding a frequency equal to zero and birth of nothing which resulted in big-bang.

What was there before big-bang?

Before the instant of big-bang, time was expanding. Time was beating so fast that it didn’t have any interval. Time had infinitude as it is neither a scalar nor a vector and didn’t have any beat or rhythm which settled in at the instant of bing-bang. Big-bang could be viewed as a hole when time perceptibly acquired a magnitude like coming from infinity, traveling infinite intervals it had no interval while at big-bang time finally acquired a quantity or an interval. Infinite time means infinite mass was moving at infinitely small speed but at infinite distances and all the matter of galaxies pre-existed and came together at the instant of big-bang to move through the infinitely small hole that time acquired a beat or rhythm and space was born.

So big-bang was not the birth of matter but the birth of space. If in space, time contracts when approaching the speed of light, then at the infinite time, time is expanding without any space. The Big-Bang indicates time acquired an interval.

Time could be viewed as eternal not in the sense that it does have infinitude in front of it which in any case would be a quantity, that time had infinitude prior to that it had a definable quantity.

Time could occur without space


How could be that nothing contains space? If the scientists are to be believed time had a beginning earlier than anything.It was nothing and time was non-existent, it is that we tie time to the fabric of space. If there is space, there is time. Now nothing had no space thus there was no time. It is like saying the real numbers 1, 2,3… and so on exist but there was moment when 1 could not exist since there was no space. The 1 is an abstraction of time itself which has nothing to do with space so it could exist prior to any space. For time we could say it is a numerical order that has nothing to do with any relation to any events happening. So time could occur without space and the number 2 only means that it exists prior to the numerical order in time. That means for events 1,2 and 3, 2 though occurs after 1 was present prior to occurring in the future cone of time.

It is a possibility that one dimension of time is ever existent like a series of real numbers which doesn’t require any space.But then time is not for correlating events as which has happened before but is the abstraction through which events could unfold in spacetime continuum and without space it could abstract nothing but abstraction itself when the abstraction is pure without having an instance in space.

Is future predeterminate?

Yes! The whole future is fixed prior to the creation of matter as time is ever present in its own dimension, that is time is dimensionless though space could be thought to exist in other dimensions. Dimensionless time could mean time can exist independent of space. As time is unreal it remains tied to its own dimension. Time could be assumed to exist indefinitely irrespective of the matter as it is unreal. Unreal in the sense that it could not be felt through consciousness yet time affects the consciousness in subtle ways.

Time is an abstraction while space is real thus all the abstractions could be thought of following the time dimension. So we intuit things as per the abstractions formed which in turn are derived from time. Then all the things we abstract we abstract from dimensionless time as their abstract existence exists prior to our intuition of them. This proves that time is eternal. If time is eternal it must be existing prior to the happening of now in discrete manner.

Time as eternal and independent of space

If there is nothing, what change does time measure? It simply goes on ticking, the passing of motion as that of heavenly bodies but when I am not moving still time occurs for me. It must mean there is point existence of time besides than a dimension of time tied to space.

If there is no matter to measure change, time still could occur as time is infinite. We measure the numerical order of material change, i.e., motion in space. A body moving from position a to b has infinitely divisible change that could be calculated over an integral thus finite in existence. Since the change in matter is infinitely occurring and signifying time as infinite. Time could occur independent of motion and hence mass.

For Einstein all motion is relative which implies there is consciousness that must be observing the universe. So it is the consciousness that is causing curvature of time and space ,while space if finite, time is infinite which makes it possible to exist at the point of creation of the universe that is time existing independent of space. Which means when nothing was existing time was eternal and is still eternal when there is something that is called space.

Occurrence as condition for time travel

Occurrence of event is time and no occurrence is copy of past or future depending upon if the event is yet to occur otherwise it must be past. If it never occurred it must be the future so we could travel between the time occurrences. Einstein proposed time as occurring relative to motion and also time continues to occur when there is no motion. Sitting you are moving into future and receding away from the event in opposite direction could take you into the past. So as we move further away from the western coast of the US we move into the past while travelling towards London we move into the future. Since the distances are covered in finite period of time we remain in ‘now’ as time is extending into infinite future. Thus for me the future is fiction which out of finite possibilities happen in a particular occurrence that is already stored in the future slice of time.

Like the possible combinations I can have with three cards out of a deck of cards, time has infinite combinations out of which I draw say only three occurrences as to what is happening to me ‘now’. As I read those three occurrences like when I brought wine, I lost my wallet and with it my driving license. The purchasing of wine is an occurrence corresponding to which I lost my wallet which is another occurrence. These occurrences run through in future is time travel prior to their call for happening.