Lorentz transformation- moving at speed of light

Lorentz tranformations suggest length contraction for the moving bodies which are concerned with the contraction in time as we move at realistivic speeds of light, as confirmed by Einstein in his special theory of realtivity. His theory is about velocity dependence of mass in which case mass is not mechanical mass but electromagnetic mass. So using electomangnetic mass he explains the failure of existence of ether in which a charged capacitor should not align perpendicular to the motion.

How electromagnetic fields are created by moving bodies is explained by Lorentz transformations. So observers in any intertial frames of reference must make communcation clear to each other with respect to motion of bodies relative to each other. This can be done by taking into considerations that the speed of aircraft for an oberver outside will be different than the pilot is reading inside. So we could prepare our case through galielian tansformations and then apply lorentz transofrmations for the sphere in which the light travels must have the same origin for the different observers in the different inertial frames.

At realistivic speeds the factor \scriptstyle{\sqrt{1-{v^2}/{c^2}}} becomes imaginary so the length contraction becomes infinite. Therefore to move at speeds of light ,which now is impossible but for interstellar travel is must, we must take into consideration the length contraction of the spaceship.