God’s Dilemma

Let alone man, God might be tricked by time

In catching the needles of this minaret

God bethinks

Whether this reflection rendered is of man

In moving with time

or mine?


The Priest of Dinosaurs

A binocular slung around the neck

Forgiving Dinosaurs the behavior

The Priest stood at the doors of all men

And in the heap he would address

What is needed a deep repose from History

And settling of goons in the precincts of knowledge

Where is the dark age or ice age mortified

But speaking its own legacy to all men

Dignified by pope’s visit to their hometown

The men slung the guns

To shoot the first offspring of nature

The man of another faith.

Satanic Verses of Rushdie, a sexual expletive about God

Satanic Verses could be read as a brief history of God through with his creation and later on His angels fearing for themselves taking refuge in the celebration of sexual guilt with God having given birth to Islam through Mahound, a character in the novel. Compared to James Joyce Finnegan’s wake where the world is visited through the sexual guilt of man, in Satanic Verses the world is revisited through the sexual guilt of God as having revealed the creation to the prophet Mahound. It is the transformation of ordinary Gibreel into an archangel who discovers having ridden of his love mate in favor of another woman and that’s the morals of an angel for Mr Rushide ! Thus claiming the creation of love by God as one having treachery hidden beneath it. The God must have willed life as a promise to a forsaken lover who actually commits suicide for the want of love could be the interpretation of dreams of Gibreel Frashita. Thus impersonating God as having unable to fulfill His own love what crap must have been revealed to Mahound about the creation could be a fair guess by the reader. So living on the earth for the forsaken love of God is an eternal sin as it becomes one with the sexual beseeching of Salman Rusdie in turning overcoat for the character of Gibreel Frashita.


Why the universe is grand in design?

UniverseGrandDesignThe universe is grand design without any comparison but in the parallel universe which could still be at more grander scale.  The creator of the universe which could be taken as a God particle must be of magnificent origin that we could accept God as the magnificent.The reasons for the design to be grand are few but nonetheless very significant. The first thing is the creation was very precise. If the temperature at the Big Bang had fallen by millionth of a second there could have been no creation around. So for the God particle to attain such preciseness is purely fluke but yet the creator exists as someone from the parallel universe simulating such preciseness.

The space in the universe is finite and is preordained by the creation itself so the formation of new stars and passing off of the supernovae into black holes account to fit into the available space that the Big Bang provided. So far the space occupied by the matter in the universe is predetermined and yet hasn’t failed the infinite terms of the universe. This makes the design of the universe grand.

Finally the infinite stars of the universe could fall on each other because of gravity but this is not the case. As the universe is finite the stars falling on each other could collapse in the universe and as such the gravity of stars could finish off the creation but with a whimper, but this is not the case as there exists dark matter that produces enough repulsion in the matter for it to stay in the space thus making the design of the universe grand.

God is a one dimensional space

God as we understand is a triad, a sort of trinity with conjugation of infinite omnipotence. A triad to exist demands a three dimensional space, a body which is finite hence God having infinite attributes could not be finite. Then we could ask for the case of two dimensional space where the magnitude is undefined while the directions in which the movement could take place is one. Still God has a finite body, a surface which if cut into two could lead to another surface but the God must be indivisible in nature as He has omnipresence. So we are left with a one dimensional space extending in one direction to infinite extent. Now the God could be indivisible as He could be a point on the infinite line yet having a form about the line. Surely He would not possess any finiteness that is associated with surfaces.

So infinite space extending in one direction is a fictional substance that does have an abstraction of itself from where all other objects in the universe are derived. What would be the abstraction of point, a line and in one dimensional space the indivisible line is a metaphor for the God having a point existence yet moving in infinite direction. As the form is not an attribute of the body, the form of the point space could be anything.

It could be the reasoning with God that might have let Aristotle to believe the earth as the center of the universe with the conception of the place where God has bestowed its prowess for the human beings to propagate life.


Man in mechanics of nature from myth to machine

cropped-utopiaimage11.jpgMan is born with a myth, hardly he knows how it all began with Adam, though Darwin has gone at length to describe man’s journey from Pre-Neanderthal to an IT professional sitting somewhere in Silicon Valley and keying on the terminal like I am doing right now, I am no Neanderthal though anymore. So from vague studies about the early startups on the earth, Adam has found a nice little technological home in the innards of the earth, content with his Police and Army he has soared into the skies but the machine is no more a myth. Machine he knows well and its mechanics have served him well too.

In the reverse of, as machine to myth is where I suppose the God stays his will, Schopenhauer though fought an illegal battle for the blind will that dawns over man as in all animals, leaving no hope for the future. Yet man has progressed to the modern day technologies. How could it have happened? God must be in man’s denial of the will; he denies will whenever he faces the monolithic questions of cosmos So Metaphysics have exploded from the world level to the cosmos. So we search into the heavens for metaphysics.

That is where the myth is born and nature like all her mystique hides behind the will of God’s metaphysics. Hinduism have gained sufficient semi-consciousness to explore the God’s existence in the world and the cosmos. He must be alive in the myth of creation, satisfied with the outcome of the big bang he had lived.

Body Mind and Soul in purview of Charles Darwin

Three religions define how the fourth religion lives after death in the vicinity of Jainism. Rest all is obscurity. The three religions are Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism explaining the existence of Christianity in the purview of Buddhism  from the Jain’s perspective.

The Islam is about the existence of soul; Hinduism is about the existence of mind; Sikhism is about the existence of body for the pure consciousness as God after death who has a Jain’s perspective when it comes to the play of love in realms of metaphysics. Hence God is the father of metaphysics while his wife reacts to metaphysique as a case of singularity in Physics.

The God’s love for the world is to breathe and taste nature in His blood with a vagabond heart of a Spanish-Indian living in the realms of the United States of the world while Mecca is only an abstraction for the soul to exist effortlessly which Charles Darwin accurately describing the evolution of man in the vicinity of mind and body duality that every philosopher of his generation tries to study in his own terms as independent of God with freedom as an essential attribute of the cosmos to exist with the world.