Appearance is not reality


Real is with sensation. The sensations that we feel are dubbed as real. The consciousness is with the feeling of reality. But that reality might be an illusion. We might be in a matrix of sorts with everything abstracted from a common interface of time. We live in time, it is the time that lets us make sense of the space we occupy. If everything is an abstraction then we might be imagining the things that exist prior to our sensory recognition as unreal like time itself.

There exists relations in the universe by which we make sense of the world around us.Now the relations of the universe form a bunch of knowledge which is eternal in nature. So a circle or triangle is eternal in nature. This eternity is derived from time itself so what we see around is an illusion of appearance.

Now if we take into consideration the self or being of the thing, it stands in relation to pure being as determinate of experience through abstraction of consciousness of the pure being itself. The pure being is never realized that is to say we could never possibly live all the alternative histories of the particle. As such we form an approximate existence of the pure being hence we abstract things from time about the pure being. We could therefore call all appearances as unreal.


My Philosophy in nutshell-Tanscending Myth to Machine

Math01Man is fiction in the mind of God which is pure consciousness of the pure nature.It is called fictional existent and what occupies pure nature is fictional substance that is an abstraction from which flows the order of world and scheme of things which is substance with extension. In thought man is challenged by the consiousness of himself and thus proceeds to create a machine for his alter ego. As he creates his alter ego the fictional existent creates conflict with self-love and the man in confusion drifts with pursuits in science, arts and humanities.