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A Reqiuem for Stephen Hawking

He has passed away, his years locked into a threshold of work that brought sway

To the needles that needless say

black holes are powerbuilder that may

Knock nothingness into violent mayhem

And nothing has he become in the timeless scramble for infinite sleep that nay

Be broken and he might rest in the cosmic sea undisturbed and silently say

Oh George wake up and walk away as destiny’s child and explore what I bequeathed – the restless universe that you exploreth may

like the spring sunshine or winter eve or fall melodrama or summer’s dream



I read adlib a silence written on your face,

you have washed your face thousand times,

silence won’t go away that way

I have deluge of flowers at the bay,

only to bind me to the charming coupe de etat,

of a citizen holding bunch of roses in her nubile hands,

to throw away the raincoat in the face of wind

And clamouring for more love from the seasonal rain,

as it would blast the streets and so do the flowers

In watery glimmer have all died because of silence on your face

And she was reactionary to emulate your love as her fate


Cirque of seasons

How softly summer could guess about the winter?

By falling and through the fall elopes


Winter is a dead stranger,

met about in the snow


Till the Spring jumps from nowhere,

into the bower of flowery maize,

with the memory of dead leaves of grass passed away


And an evening yawns in the summer gleam,

cooling heels and starting over, the Cirque of seasons,

By falling and summer through the fall elopes Eden

And presents on the earth a wintry meadow

with the beckoning of a spring heaven







Philosophy- the knowledge of the self

Philosophy is what is formed of the essential determination of thought. Essentially an idea exists for self-determination that it weighs as truth.The element of Philosophy is not abstract or non-actual but it is formed through abstractions though that the abstract thought has refined itself in the instantiation of something actual and moving from non-actual to actual we reach at the conclusion which forms the nerve of Philosophy. This whole movement constitutes what is the truth in Philosophy whether it is the idea of time or of being or of time and being. In either case, we begin with abstract non-actuality of time existing as discrete quanta and moves on to the exact instantiation of time as happening at a particular moment, So it is the appearance of time in the form of event in the time-space continuum that we confront that what has in effect brought in itself as truth.

From actual, we proceed to the knowledge of the self, the inherent seed of Brahman existing in nutshell as the unity of cosmos.The true is thus revealed to us in the form of knowledge of the self that we have moved or become actual from non-actual.So, in the end, we have determinate thoughts taking shape in the form of self-knowledge.

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Hazardous days

In these hazardous days,

even air is empty of life,

like the soul of love,

which drinks water from the fountains,

in the wild heavens running with milky dew,

and nudges me in the elbow to belie,

what I have got,

an existence,

In essence,the winds blow,

and the air shuns its emptiness,

what is life?

A crossbed of desires,

to shake the mountains,

and in return embed,

it’s signature-

A dark temptation


What is defetcive in mathematical proof?

Mathematics could lead to many ways of solving a theorem rather there could exist infinitely many ways of which only a couple are discovered. So what essentially is the necessity of a mathematical proof? Why there has to be a theorem that serves the way it is and why does it exist in the first place? It is the exploration of the universe in its form that compels the nature to predict a behaviour that is exhibited in mathematical proofs. But there could be an inherent defect in the proof of a theorem that the result might not show a relation to the axiom. The expediency in solving the theorem is lost in the way the theorem manifests itself.

The basic defect in the cognition of mathematical theorem is that the controlling necessity is not evident. What is the purpose behind the proof as Mathematics presupposes space and a magnitude. So inherently a mathematical figure occupies a space and a value describing the space. Why there is a necessity of mathematics in architecture? To make the space feasible I must denote it with a value and cognition of the mathematical proof sans any further necessity but to enclose the bounding space.