The God’s Son


Ravenously life proposes the dictums of love,
What there could be without love of a lady?
and the stars foretell the white umbrella,
Beneath which the God sits in heavens,
Marking the days of the calendar when,
Beautiful ladies meet their shadows in September,
The Sun dial would report the activity,
of visible light shedding the whiteness,
on edges where the ladies’ parasol rests,
in their white slender and puny hands,
playing ghosts to the blue light arcing,
on the third district of love,
in the southern skies, God’s son drinking Bacardi,
and getting light on the emotion of love,
for he has lost his heart to a damsel,
who lives on the sunny side of heaven,
What could be the fate of God men?
who are busy fanning the love to God,
as if God’s son is the last of the lovers,
dreaming of the velvety sand besides heavens,
With her hand in the bell jar , the fairy who
stole God’s son’s heart is serving five trays,
punishment in the hell,
This could be the fate of ladies who,
swear by thundering to see the light instead.


What I mean by reality?

Reality is some rule that is always true. The rule never changes and by applying the rule we get what the reality is. For Schopenhauer it is the will, for Hegel it turns out to be the spirit which in turn becomes strangely enough power for Nietzsche. To reduce the reality to simple unchanging abstract or concrete thing, solves the complicating problems if we use Mathematics instead.

I wonder what could be the opposite for Schopenhauer that would complement the reality yet give an opposite view. Strangely I come up with a term fictional substance which I put up for mind. Does Schopenhauer mean will as the opposite of mind? How could otherwise he conclude will as representing the underlying representation of the world. We need mind to describe the relation it has with the world and for Schopenhauer it is defined by the will itself.

What I mean by fictional substance is that mind makes abstractions that are not concrete and has no clear framework in the world to which these abstractions are applied. Yet the abstractions clearly define the reality. So what could the fictional substance that erects fiction about the reality mean? Suppose I see a house, I already have an abstraction for the house and it is applied to the reality to define the house in question.

How Hegel defines the world through spirit? Similarly we could understand the world through fictional substance. What essentially we find in reality is fiction to the dual nature of matter. I cannot ascertain the reality I could only approximate through the use of language what it is out there and that is pure fiction, a figment of mind while consciousness stands by to tell the fiction is real and hence what we see is an illusion.

Future is fiction

Fiction is unreal as we all know but it might be that what we see is fiction, an illusion of reality. Fiction is when no true events account for in space and time but is the product of our imagination. Now abstract concepts as glory don’t happen in time but there is in reality an event corresponding to abstract glory so abstractness alone is not sufficient to define fiction.

Future is fiction. There are no events in real time that correspond to any in future so future though exists has no real event associated to it. Hence is unreal. While our present is realization of future so that fiction that is future finds expression in realness of consciousness and as is fictional existent implying fiction is really existing in nature in what’s happening now. Past is but a memory stored with us. So past, future, present doesn’t exist.

Present is abstraction of future whatever I am seeing has been abstracted from future such that I from a continuous film of reality. But future itself is fiction so future is not existing. Hence I am abstracting something that doesn’t exist so present doesn’t exist. So what I see is an illusion of abstractness of future. I have through my consciousness all the abstract concepts into future and make an instance of these abstracts to form a picture of reality. Everything that I see is present as abstract reality in non existing future. Hence reality is an idea in future. So I hold an idealist and futuristic view of reality.

How come I am an intellectual on the move?


I think heavy but deeply about love, life and reason to believe the world as it exists in front of us, as an indomitable reality. How to decode the hidden code existing in the nature of existence? It has been decoded by many philosophers in their own philosophies then why to reinvent the wheel. The reason is thought unlike wheel needs no road to travel on. It is like jet coming and going in an instant. Thus there is sense in discovering a new philosophy as we deem.A new perspective to look at the world and I have chosen to call the new perspective as fictional existent, the fiction we see the reality to be made up of. The fiction we abstract from the domains of time to satisfy our existential needs. Thus the need to abstract precedes the existence itself. What we abstract is our personal reality that is bound to the common existence of humanity through principles that we agree upon in the first place. The fiction of circle is that there is no one particular instance that we can call the circle. There are umpteen numbers of circles as abstracted by every person in his own personal abstractions. Like time is relative so are these abstractions with each abstraction being a fictional existent of the abstraction of circle itself.

So I forming the philosophy of fictional existent, I am an intellectual on the move.


Is future predeterminate?

Yes! The whole future is fixed prior to the creation of matter as time is ever present in its own dimension, that is time is dimensionless though space could be thought to exist in other dimensions. Dimensionless time could mean time can exist independent of space. As time is unreal it remains tied to its own dimension. Time could be assumed to exist indefinitely irrespective of the matter as it is unreal. Unreal in the sense that it could not be felt through consciousness yet time affects the consciousness in subtle ways.

Time is an abstraction while space is real thus all the abstractions could be thought of following the time dimension. So we intuit things as per the abstractions formed which in turn are derived from time. Then all the things we abstract we abstract from dimensionless time as their abstract existence exists prior to our intuition of them. This proves that time is eternal. If time is eternal it must be existing prior to the happening of now in discrete manner.