Discovering the future in spacetime

To make a choice is important otherwise you could be staring face to face in the eyes of death. For example, if you stop making choice, you could starve. But making a choice is the exercise of will which subdues the reason and weakens you. So we enter a dilemma about the will. What to do?

The one idea is to let the life take the course the other could be the denial of will as is done by many ascetics. But both are equally dangerous because the future is unknown. The universe-block though is predetermined in the sense that when you are born, the death is already prefixed in spacetime extending far into future. But the content of the spacetime is missing that is what you provide in exercising the choice.

Still, there is room for free will in a predetermined universe which leads to a paradox which the science has discovered in the form of quantum physics. The electron takes all of the infinite paths, once all the paths are taken the life at macroscopic level comes to unfold as a particular outcome. How is it possible? From infinte paths we move to some happening in the reality!

So in order to make the effective decisions, you need the earth’s whole resources and compute them through intelligent machines and then proceed towards colonization of the universe. It is like running all the infinite paths of the electron at the macroscopic level. Thus determining the future before colonizing the galaxy is a must.


Maiden Song

The beautiful sound errupted from the vale

a dancing maid took to the eyes with storm

bulging her eyes she crossed with the starry lover

who kept on singing the song of forsaken lore

Now she called upon the distant maid

her partner in the silly shove of potato crop

they were potato eaters now groping for more

love and love upon castles built in the air

Longing for her dreams, she danced lightly on her toes

as silently he played the dulcimer only to abandon

the song and the place in favour of mountains maroon

a galore!





On the symmetry of heavens

We are sitting in a black hole and the only way out is to the other universe. So we already have as much mass in the universe as is needed this is proven by the fact that nothing falls upon anything. Space and mass are balanced though space is increasing so it weakens the gravitational force between the galaxies, yet they remain in symmetry.  The point of departure into the other universe is stargate or portal. By annihilating the space we could let the universe collapse upon itself thus generating the portal from where to make an exit.

The eternal black hole leads to enough space within itself that matter though could travel but never escape it hence we cannot exit the universe unless we create a wormhole between two spaces and let the matter disappear from one and enter the event horizon of the other. Still, the symmetry of the universe is maintained as according to Einstein–Rosen bridges. There must be a separate white hole interior region that allows us to extrapolate the trajectories of particles that an outside observer sees rising up away from the event horizon.  So we are transferring the matter from within the white hole interior regions which we inhabit in the universe.

So either we annihilate space or create Einstein-Rosen bridges to make interstellar travel possible but either maintains the symmetry of the multiverse.

No Consolation for love

The riddle of the universe deepens

with a pen daub in ink thickens

The world itself out chickens

There is no idea that says love is strong

nor the life is dependent upon a song

It barely chuckles that lovers are strangers

having a loose belly that sickens with dangers

of living alone on this cape of existence

no doubt the God is denied as if by solemn

promise to die the death that is anything but mortal

And immortality of Physics all but sickens

The Fate

These are from the steps of a temple

cascading a thought so divine as to

know the difference between a soul

and its livelihood – the soulful music

which lives in the echoes of a forsaken heart

as to know the difference between a lover

and love that consumes like a flame does the light

I silently bestow upon the idol of God a flower

that has come from the womb of a woman teaching

the kids about the lines on the palm

that mark the fate as important

as the destiny of a Pilgrim on the steps of the temple.

The Darkest hues

Color shows the life as painted darkest hues

that shine off the other side of seeming few

I win the battle of nerves with her on a promise

to keep the day as blank as possible for I must

try to write the slogans worn off her sleeve

Then the pandemonium did rise through the din

of the palace where supposedly did God live

till the lamps were lit, everything faded in color

the darkest hue did she choose to wear with

white Sari that languished under the sunlight

The Mind Maker

The dandelions projecting into space

as I pick a diamond from the heap of sand

and turn about to say the love is a forsaken

game of hide and seek on the north Prairies

and win the heart as a rake to taste the wine

in the abandonment of soul and body with pride

What burnt was the heart bent on making love

As there is no one who participates in the life of

a rakish soul experimenting with oodles of love

the projections of Mercury in the sky forbid nothing

that could be the gateway of civilization, betwixt

the earth bounces back on the trajectory of love

Only if Juliet is married to her vow of keeping up

silence when challenged to love anything other than

the Romeo!