God and His dominion

God is with faith, a word spoken in memory of HIs creation

What if He is a painter, more given to vicissitudes than men

more given to visuals than the words

Painting the raindrops falling from heaven on to the violin

The warm waiting in the verandah of the lovesome procession

returning on its feet as if a half awaken woman pruning the

roses of fate, this is the V-day of world cup falling into its place

Some elegy being played on the mortuary where the hopeless sun

gives hopeful rays!

And God’s dominion is with the strange ways stars shine on the earthly ways!



The Fate

These are from the steps of a temple

cascading a thought so divine as to

know the difference between a soul

and its livelihood – the soulful music

which lives in the echoes of a forsaken heart

as to know the difference between a lover

and love that consumes like a flame does the light

I silently bestow upon the idol of God a flower

that has come from the womb of a woman teaching

the kids about the lines on the palm

that mark the fate as important

as the destiny of a Pilgrim on the steps of the temple.

The true essence of Himalayas

Himalayas are the alter ego of God as it is evident in its beauty as in its loftiness. If God had beauty it would commensurate with the beauty of the Himalayas. The Himalayas means the abode of snow. It is with the God spirit that Pandit Jawaharl Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India empathized with Himalayas where his ashes was spread upon his death.

The becoming of universal spirit is the essence of the Himalayas. What does spirituality of the man means? Oneness with the cosmic spirit and so the Himalayas does the proxy of the cosmic spirit on the earth.

What is matter is the differentiation between various particles but the form of Himalayas seems to unite the matter into one holistic spirit. It could mean that the Himalayas is the personification of spirit that could exist in the matter. It is not animism that things have spirit, it is spiritualism that matter has one cosmic spirit.

It is because of the aloofness from the worldly ties that man thinks of intermingling with the cosmic spirit that in the past men or sages in search of Knowledge visited the Himalayas. The Himalayas represents the purity of thought hence towering imagination, the source of knowledge and the possession of beauty.

The more important expect of the Himalayas is the transcendence from the worldly ties hence going beyond matter into the world beyond where there rules the one true Brahman the self, as the cosmic seed, representing the oneness of the cosmos. To plunge into such oneness by overcoming the rigors of weather and life, the sages seem to amass knowledge of being with the God. So Knowledge is of two types, one that of matter and the other that of spirit while the former is immanent, the latter is transcendental . So it is the becoming of a transcendental spirit that the true essence of Himalayas lies in.

Why the modern religion was born?

A marriage of beauty with morality so that beauty could be tamed is the sole purpose of society at large. The basic instinct yields to us that beauty is far more superior to reason that you cannot find any reason for the thing of beauty to be beautiful. The society doesn’t yield to nature that beauty is the sole criterion of demarcation of reality and as such walks in the world of Physics, the study of nature whereby reason is made stronger than aesthetics.

Then society makes us moral. Why is there religion but to oppose the ancient myths of beauty that the ancient men found in Mythology? The Church thus is born. What the Emperor of Rome, Nero wanted to curtail was that beauty no longer belonged to the Church that he despised the church so much that he set Rome on fire for he feared the ghost of beauty would engulf Rome.

The will though denies beauty its claims to high society for the volition is jealous of the beauty as the church and gives rise to the demons in society. The whole problem of the mankind to apprehend its alter ego is the prejudice against beauty. Keats had said a thing of beauty is a joy forever, hinting the pleasure borne off a beautiful thing is almost eternal in its length. The church as thus wanted to overcome the will of man that it put in charge the morality as the safeguard so much that any appreciation of art or aesthetic judgment is considered as sin or the carnal pleasure.

The sole criterion for the religion to be present in the world is the beauty of nature which the religion has denied even though in terms of reason as was in the case of Galileo. The religion is there in retaliation to beauty as such it preached the immortality of the soul as opposed to the carnal sin of the body. The body is viewed as the source of appreciating beauty hence the originator of sins. The beauty of nature is likewise nullified by the religion for it inspires Romanticism that goes against the will of Church.

Thus the religion is there out of sole reason of curtailing beauty.

What Einstein meant by God does not play dice

Einstein once famously remarked “God does not play dice with the universe”. But what he meant by that is the strongest criticism of physical science with Quantum mechanics as the discipline of Physics under question. What he really meant could be summarized in a hypothesis that does guarantee according Einstein how to approach the subject matter of Physics. His chief points concerning the above saying could be summarized as follows.

  1. Game of dice is a game of chance as opposed to the  experimental method of physical science verifying the scientific speculation of the theory.
  2. As such a finite mind is limited to know the reality of the universe in the body of the omnicomplete work of science and if the mind in question employs a method as likely as a game of dice, the mind nodubtedly be unable to verify the theory according to experimental verification.
  3. The game of dice thus misapplies the omnipotent knowledge to the object of understanding.
  4. The object of understanding of science is like a God, complete and omniscient.
  5. From the above reasoning Einstein concluded the Quantum physics like the game of dice uses probability to measure the object of understanding , which is God in nature thus concluding Quantum Physics is incapable of any worthwhile study of physical science.

But that is not the case so, though probability is used to estimate the position and momentum of particle, the state of particle is clearly described as a position and momentum number though it means that both position and momentum cannot be determined simultaneously. Either there is a particle or momentum but if there is momentum though relativity assumes we are sure there is particle, in Quantum Physics we cannot be sure if there is particle in spite of knowing its momentum. That is the uncertainty Einstein implied.

What is Brahman?

You are the word, the word is Brahman, as revealed by self, Brahman himself so you don’t have much to opt out of what was heard from your mouth, beware what you speak! The knowledge could be believed to be revealed by what was heard and nothing remembered. So it implies anyone could be a Brahman who reveals what actually is heard from inner self Brahman through direct experience. The knowledge in ancient India began through hearing called Sruti when everyone was a Brahman revealing to others the divine knowledge for Brahman was a seed of self in everybody. So there is no need for any deity, God or a human to reveal things to Brahman but the Brahman himself. So there is no author of Vedas as revealed to sages in direct contact with nature. It was Rishis perfecting everything and were careful as such in revealing to others for what was heard was Shruti.

Shruti is a Sanskrit word meaning what was heard or listened to. Memory as such has no role to play in the revelation of nature. Hence all earlier Hindu Philosophy has emerged from the Brahman or the word that appears in a textual form in the Upanishads.

What is death?

Death seems everpresent in the universe from stars to living organisms all undergo death. But in the case of humans, it must be different for human beings have consciousness, unlike matter, that they reflect upon themselves. Then what death seems to bring is the end to this reflection upon itself. The question arises what happens when the consciousness goes?  To clearly understand this we must first learn what is will. what is that keeps us hanging on to life?

Will is the faculty that escapes everything. What that matters is that will is a volition or desire that tends to escape all the objects it sets upon hence the inherent life. For example, I might will to see a film, then the very same will escapes me when I begin to watch the film, the will thus tends to set upon some other object it fancies, It is because of very escaping of will to see the film .that I am able to watch the film. Then it must be the conscious reason that keeps me hooked on to the film. So while will escape everything reason is the opposite that establishes everything. It is the reason that makes sense of the film and keeps me glued to the film I am watching. Then what happens when I die? It is the escaping will that escapes everything for the last time and consequently, reason or consciousness is gone, The consciousness is the state of matter so in death the will gives up and all the matter is escaped once and for all.

What happens next? The opposite of will besides reason is the infinite, that faculty that escapes nothing. It is the same infinity that mathematicians are used to. So upon death infinity is established, the presence of nothing but the infinitude. So consciousness is replaced by the infinitude in the absence of reason and it cannot evolve itself any further and the possibility of a soul is established. So when we die, nothing must return, what we were before the birth of consciousness and from there to infinitude what matter was before consciousness.

Infinitude is everywhere upon death, unlike nothing that is a transition of consciousness from something to nothing to infinitude. It could be the same infinitude that pervaded the matter before the birth of space-time continuum. It is the continuum that the soul escapes into infinitude.