The Seraphim

Again  you  are getting drunk and hit

with colour of this world

Who will tell which candles are lit?

in the light of this world


Lost day is found again in the Oriental

which bow to the esteem of God

like money is bestowed in the temple

by an admirer of Seraphim of God!


God and His dominion

God is with faith, a word spoken in memory of HIs creation

What if He is a painter, more given to vicissitudes than men

more given to visuals than the words

Painting the raindrops falling from heaven on to the violin

The warm waiting in the verandah of the lovesome procession

returning on its feet as if a half awaken woman pruning the

roses of fate, this is the V-day of world cup falling into its place

Some elegy being played on the mortuary where the hopeless sun

gives hopeful rays!

And God’s dominion is with the strange ways stars shine on the earthly ways!


God as perfect representation for parallel universe

The nth degree as is used to define the highest degree, defines the form of God which is no doubt both human as He has to have an image of man, and divine as He has to have perfection of the highest degree.

Omniscience and omnipotence are the two attributes of God and that implies knowledge and power are present in highest degrees within  the existence of God.

The existence is not personal, transcendent and that of a creator that the God could be defined as. The God is not something that is inward or outward in nature as the subject who would believe God to be inwards might distinguish himself as God, quite contrary to the idea of God while the outwards existence of God could imply the existence of God as any other matter of the universe beyond which He actually lies. So God must not exist in this dimension but in some other dimension.

So God signifies what is wisdom and power that the rulers in modern times desire but cannot realise as the state could not establish the validity of an individual if the God is taken as the head of the state. Hence God is a hypothesis of the simulated universe or parallel universe in which He actually resides leaving the people in the third dimension to vie for knowledge and power which are semblance of God and hence serve as means to realise the God himself.

The fallacy of modern day knowledge

The spirit has dawned over the ages of printing press and has ushered into the world of paperless libraries where all that matters is the esoteric knowledge of the past combined with the new fangled edicts of the present. The present knowledge as contained in the vaults of technology is inward drawn onto itself and fails to entice the intellect of common man. The notion of knowledge is ever blind to the dawn of enlightenment.

What a waste is the effort of man to rise in technology, to acquire the knowledge on computer terminals of people who with a few clicks could know what they will and this will is blind to the utter idea of wisdom. Science has become dubious in its deeds though man has made mainframe and super computers capable of storing big data, the technology has made the knowledge listless and inward- drawn.

The absolute must be represented in the order of wisdom such that the emerging patterns must enforce the one and the only accompanying idea of divine inheritance of chance done to perfection by the nature devoid of dice-playing God. In the absence of the divine confluence of thought there is least chance of rescuing knowledge from the jaws of incoherent advancement of science in terms of technology whose main purpose is to garner wealth or riches rather than unifying knowledge.



Divine Touch

What to procure for oneself but

A destiny of Gods would compel

The search for humaneness in set

Is our divine goal to tell


A lost city like a lost civilization

Is but in rumination

The Lord Krishna in play

For the likes of Radha that may


Dance on the shores of India

About 30,000 years ago

For beginning of love encyclopedia

And around the gates would go


The dance of Radha in meads

To the krishna’s flute

The chirping birds would like beads

Of rosary would not refute


A single tone of Krishna

In love immersed love would do

Bring the Radha to her feet

Like a singing Koyel would too


Repeat the rhythm of Krishna’s heart

Where else has been the lark

As her eyes would dart

And Krishna’s tune would kill the bark


Of thorny The love in its gloom

There’s the purple dream in her eyes

As Krishna would bring to loom

The love kiss and all the sighs


Of love having fulfilled

It’s transposing need

To sing the song of refilled

Earth’s solemn promise and deed

Learning to drive

Suffer and more suffering doesn’t make man fit enough to challenge the order of the world. You are lost in the garden of Eden where the forbidden fruit impels for suffering in silence but then you had asked for knowledge and love doesn’t go about the standards we find in the bookish academic life that attracts the recluse and rejects the creative mind. Amid the fight with my demons I set out to learn how to drive to overcome the pangs of forbidden love that like forbidden fruit asks to forsake everything. Then I had lost the touch with the music that love fills every moment with. I was a leftover dredge looking to find solitude in love. But it was a downfall, fall more sinister than any gangster could afflict with injuries of brutality. I was picking up the shards of broken mirror which did reflect thousand faces through each of its dredges.

I was behind the wheels and having forgotten the pangs of loving Mary, I concentrated on the road direct to make a contact with speed so as to overcome any thought of her. I was doing great at the wheels when suddenly an old man popped up in the middle of the street. There was no way to go either way, I jammed the hand brake and loo it just brushed the old man while he tossed back a little and fell on to the road. I had a victim on my list and wondered if I have to end up behind the bars but luck had another story to narrate. He had escaped unhurt and my journey on learning the wheels continued.

It had been middle of night when the snow froze over chimney and clear stars shone the light of imminent joy that I could feel staring at them with a fixed mind about driving among them with someone special as the day would dawn we would return to our nest but that was  a dream, the dream of forgotten echoes of the past which now clanking in present. I must divorce the idea of driving a car and space ship which to the fervent mind doesn’t make much of difference.

Is Divine Creation a myth?

The Jupiter is upstream in its motion about the sun and upbeat too as far as a remote consciousness of the planet is concerned. It was driving at a speed that the world had barely observed in this charismatic year of 4233 AD. The man lost on the moon back in the hey days of conservative governance on the earth had hardly atriculated any cause of celebration. John was careful of the secretive societies that set their way to bring the doomsday to the earth as they hoped to flee the bare knuckles existence of the matter in the universe to a higher order of the spirit. The spirit is indeed divine and must the man overcome the narrow reaches of the materialism that lurks in the garb of science and convert the nature’s produce to the spirit. So everything in the universe has a spirit. The spirit is a quanta of energy that the body possess and the energy is the property of creation not of the mass or the weight of the object. So heavier objects need not possess more spirit. It is universal and like a soul uniquely represents the object or the body. It could not be a myth that the universe occupies a place of divine significance.