A Mortuary

Morbid and death stood silent watcher to the

song of lovers deep in the den of marauders

who having won the war for Africa now were

a bunch of laymen running a mortuary where

they would bury all those who were lost to the jungle

In the wake of aliens swarming the forests in

a search of etheral gold found on the planet earth

and the gentler folk of Eurpoean cascade bringing

fire to the forests burning all those found on land

and the marauders picking the souls of the dead

on their sunken shoulders say about mercenaries

going haywire under the burning sun that torpids

land scroched with blood and heat, as the mortuary

was full of gothic spirirt and the charms of the slain

An adieu was uttered by a maiden to his first love

who was brought dead from the alien swipe while

European conquest stood imperial and isolated

Mortuary was full of the stench mixed with cropses

of the stocky built of either race Alien or European

in the middle of Africa- the land of nowhere!



The dead skull

The rivulet tells the tale of dead flowers

and with them the dead winter in vale

There the fame is skimmed as tame luck

for the footballer who saw the dead skull

but in vain of the days gone by the scheme of death

she sings the song of the dead and bestowed flowers

on her lover’s grave and saw

the magic and epiphany of  hate

bring the dead skulls in season’s wake.

Quantum Immortality, we might never die!

There is a probability that we might never die. Death is a random event which might split the universe into two possibilities that in one scenario I am dead while in the other I might still be alive. Each possibility is a universe in itself. The hypothesis comes from Quantum Physics which says that for any random event there are infinite paths that the observer might take to reach from point A to point B suggesting there might be a path in which the observer never die in reaching from point A to B.

There is a state of Quantum superposition in which an observer might be alive and dead simultaneously. Believing death to be a radioactive decay of atom and a random event, there is a state of the atom in which it could well be dead and alive at the same time. Thus implying there is a case of Quantum immortality that the Quantum superposition resolves itself into splitting in two dead and alive possibilities of which the alive possibility is the one where the observer is not dead.

The implications of Quantum superposition is that there might be parallel universes in which an observer continues to live and such universes are infinite about a millimetre in difference from the one which we inhabit. Then why don’t we choose the universe with any other possibility regardless of death? Then why don’t we see the other possibility for any random event other than death? Because our consciousness does not branch unless we die or in the other words we continue to live in the same universe. Then we don’t see the immortal people around because our universe triggers death and they choose the one with the life.

What is death?

Death seems everpresent in the universe from stars to living organisms all undergo death. But in the case of humans, it must be different for human beings have consciousness, unlike matter, that they reflect upon themselves. Then what death seems to bring is the end to this reflection upon itself. The question arises what happens when the consciousness goes?  To clearly understand this we must first learn what is will. what is that keeps us hanging on to life?

Will is the faculty that escapes everything. What that matters is that will is a volition or desire that tends to escape all the objects it sets upon hence the inherent life. For example, I might will to see a film, then the very same will escapes me when I begin to watch the film, the will thus tends to set upon some other object it fancies, It is because of very escaping of will to see the film .that I am able to watch the film. Then it must be the conscious reason that keeps me hooked on to the film. So while will escape everything reason is the opposite that establishes everything. It is the reason that makes sense of the film and keeps me glued to the film I am watching. Then what happens when I die? It is the escaping will that escapes everything for the last time and consequently, reason or consciousness is gone, The consciousness is the state of matter so in death the will gives up and all the matter is escaped once and for all.

What happens next? The opposite of will besides reason is the infinite, that faculty that escapes nothing. It is the same infinity that mathematicians are used to. So upon death infinity is established, the presence of nothing but the infinitude. So consciousness is replaced by the infinitude in the absence of reason and it cannot evolve itself any further and the possibility of a soul is established. So when we die, nothing must return, what we were before the birth of consciousness and from there to infinitude what matter was before consciousness.

Infinitude is everywhere upon death, unlike nothing that is a transition of consciousness from something to nothing to infinitude. It could be the same infinitude that pervaded the matter before the birth of space-time continuum. It is the continuum that the soul escapes into infinitude.

On Death

cropped-coe-cd.jpgDeath is passing away of consciousness

into nothing but a speck of darkness in and around

Of this darkness death waits many times with a bait

to lure matter into Harakiri; suicide of the soul

But consciousness being wild and playful, watches

the sky as if weatherman had conspired against the God

to lament his own will in forming the clouds

that Death must unveil

And to silence the glow of light

the devil moves to the origin

from where Death was born with the first atom

of the universe and yet falling on musician’s footsteps

the tune must be unsung till Death do us part.

Dialectics of pure self

Consciousness is the awareness of one of multiple attributes of space which is a category of pure self such that being is possible in the world which is the case to escape the consciousness itself.This inherent contradiction creates the life cycle.The will exists in the boundary of our case which must be realized for the being to escape the very root of our existence. It’s the struggle to be finite by following the will and to escape it by negating the existence in realising the pure being which is indeterminate that man spends his existence. The self as lived and pure being as desired that he ultimately yields to the idea of pure consciousness in death.

would soccer ever have its own saint of death for the teams who bow out ?

uncalled for behaviour but for the teams are humans and in high profile games a loss is not just a loss but the stake of club’s own ethnicity.Each club is ethnic with key players assembled over a wide phase.It is long time that soccer gets its saint of death like saint muerte for compensation for any defeats undertaken while chasing the championship.It is not a matter of sour grapes but a feminine spirit as saint of death that does all the consolation and the club could move over leaving behind any messy hangovers.