Mirror garden

Walking off the edge of the garden Would I realize the flowers sprout only in memory of someone who has passed away but Still the thoughts sprout too like petals arrayed on an empty mirror extending like a needle into the infinity of itself far into the distance where dust is hardly born off the […]

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Cybernetics- Time as the machine

Entropy, the degree of randomness in the system is perceived to be increasing as we make meaningful dialogue with the nature and scientists after much effort tend to bring the scheme of things in proper light only because they find increase in entropy. Time opposes the conceptions of physics as Einstein found in relativistic nature […]

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When Jesus was a teenager

There haloed divinity around the Christ. It was the divine nature as it would reveal to the mystics in the form of undulating waves of the indomitable spirit which nonetheless never dies, and that was the part of Christ’s existence. So when Christ was a teenager, his father Joseph died from a fall from the […]

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Hardwired Love

I fancy love on the far side of life where hardly anything escapes gravity where the big lords order over the frail souls where frail souls still count days in orbit around the sun there I escape to when I need an hour away on my own She was a reckless matter happening on her […]

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Moving on from speculative Psychology to solid Physics

Why theory connecting Psychology(mind)¬†and Physics(physical world) is important? Understand the mind! It is important to know what distinguishes between the psychic process and physical process happening out there. But to a casual mind the two are interwoven and physical processes predominate the judgement as to guide will in making decisions that are often blind. At […]

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