book worm · Philosophy

Man for Majesty

I have decided finally to call off the trip to Shimla,

and then in after thought I revisit the canteen of cinema,

where they crack open popcorns and sully the chairs,

causing much to a fantasy of teenybopper ,

Halt! I must prepare myself for loo,

there is wind underneath the paws of women,

who hush silence to speak about the hero,

of their choice like a titan high up on the roof lying hitherto,

putting his feet on the scaffold drying air out of his breath,

He would be the party man whom the women have picked from nowhere,

to the earthy height of this cinema,

Coward the cowmen who sully the name of the film,

just to show up what yet they haven’t seen the dance of the death,

on film and its dream hood.

Europe · foot ball · Stadium · world markets

Epic Battlefield STADIO OLIMPICO of AS ROMA,SS LAZIO of 72,700 capacity of circa 1937

The Stadio Olimpico has played host to three European Cup/Champions League finals,two European Championship finals and one World Cup final.In 1968,Italy beat Yugoslavia to win the European Championship; in 1977 Liverpool beat Borussia Monchengladbqach 3-1 to win the European Cup;in 1980,Germany beat Belgium 2-1 to win the European Championships;in 1984,Liverpool beat Roma in a penalty shoot-out to win another European Cup;in 1990,West Germany beat Argentina 1-0 to win the World Cup;and in 1966,Juventus beat Ajax in a penalty shoot-out to win the Champions League

foot ball · order · organization

soccer as existential nature of being

a player as a stalwart or a wall as a bulwark,the movement to score a goal,a passing in the midfield,all tends to dominate the ball in the middle of the marks the ball as a  presence of existence while the player is a being to persist and stubborn to continue to exist and the winner determines not the will to score or power but to determine his own being.

european championship · foot ball · League

the season is about to begin towards endless goal

the seson for the future is like a ball rolling on its own,the goal is endless draw unlike in the game of football it rolls forward every year marking the beginings of the gathering around the fields to watch a match that might for a moment give a respite to the everlasting search for the gain in life.

book worm · foot ball

juventus tis a gypsy name

moving and moving.the higher you go the cooler it is.more matches,more wins,the juve is strong kid but the challenge from man united is 2 much that even FC Barcelona shy away at the post.i saw an amputated man taking off his cap while she passed away quitely.FC Porto fought and fought that academica knows, a farewell to rothmans.

foot ball

we put a red tent in front of victoria monument to play foot ball

but there was food brought  by women of gore park.the winner takes all under the tent.the tent was raised to help the ball rolling.we missed KAKA and Ronaldo to sign for the jersey of Red Bulls.It was a practice session to take off the positions for the upcoming game on next Sunday.Best Of Luck.