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The Love Face

The winds were high and strong

the will mere a penny’s worth and oblong

I turned to the doctor who saved love

from dying as the soul was consumed and lying

She with feeble hands held high

the resolve to stay with might

whatever the fraction of love remained

I whispered a halo summer’s song

and she looked with hope and growing

beyond a distance into the rhythm of the night

the night surged and culminated on her pillow

as a prize fight that brought a pence and a day

till the day grew calm and in the mirror I saw

the flying moon as if cut off  from the strings of love

and I fell on to my face on the pavement crying for

a soup van and the paltry food; she was alright and

like a sun of her own very bright!

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The love taste

Here I chew the gourd of love

a bitter sweet left in the mouth

which was less than a poison

for love was benighted king

of Romeo’s romance which

was a lark for Julliet’s sake



an idea to chew the pain is

one thing and to die for the

startling queen is quiet the

other that kills the silence

as if done to pieces the apple

of the adam in a crude haste

and to be quite over the coffee

as the whole populace is

celebrating  Easter.

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A Reqiuem for Stephen Hawking

He has passed away, his years locked into a threshold of work that brought sway

To the needles that needless say

black holes are powerbuilder that may

Knock nothingness into violent mayhem

And nothing has he become in the timeless scramble for infinite sleep that nay

Be broken and he might rest in the cosmic sea undisturbed and silently say

Oh George wake up and walk away as destiny’s child and explore what I bequeathed – the restless universe that you exploreth may

like the spring sunshine or winter eve or fall melodrama or summer’s dream

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Hazardous days

In these hazardous days,

even air is empty of life,

like the soul of love,

which drinks water from the fountains,

in the wild heavens running with milky dew,

and nudges me in the elbow to belie,

what I have got,

an existence,

In essence,the winds blow,

and the air shuns its emptiness,

what is life?

A crossbed of desires,

to shake the mountains,

and in return embed,

it’s signature-

A dark temptation

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The Ego

I gallop on a horse,

returning from afar,

fields of knowledge,

distract me for,

food of thought,

My ego is in saddle,

love belongs to me,

and in this world,

I behold nature,

as pure as water,

of the holy being,

my alter ego,

dresses me for God,

and returning from,

the communion,

do I think,

another thought,

of God’s Kingdom,

In Eden’s backyard,

where my Ego was born,

and Id grew to dispel,

what cannot be played,

my voice on a,

gramophone record,

I became a singer,

and love knew,

no bounds,

till the ego,

withdrew and,

all was gone,

And I became,

a monk forlorn,

idle on the hills,

my ego would,

die they say,

and I would,

never be reborn.

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Timeless Love

Time is endless like in a thought,

spoken by the sage is thoughtless,

Nothing extinguishes fire but water,

While wind surges fires wild in forest,

The inner eyes thank the mighty earth,

For the birth of body devout as it seems,

To the roots, the body clutches like a

mighty flower that flowers in water


Nothing is permanent but time,

Salutes to its manifestation in

Thoughts of a sage, silent and aloof,

There are a beauteous form and nothing,

exists but the atom and the self without atom,

Is the soul of every man when on the,

mountains nothing sweeps silence but,

thin air that dwarfs ego and love is born

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Why is there an appearance of something?

I reflect upon the universe for I am conscious in an advanced manner as consciousness reflecting upon itself. Then why do things appear as they are instead of revealing the true nature of themselves? The car appears to be as it is rather than revealing itself of various components which no doubt is revealed on closer inspection. But why to inspect closely why not car reveals its essence immediately when we see one?

The things exist according to the laws of Quantum Physics which forbids to reveal the truer self unless closely examined for the universe was created with a contingency plan for the creation needed to project itself into the future as is proved by Science, the universe is expanding. The expanding universe indicates there was a contingency plan in big bang to project far into the future.

Now when I see a car, the car is not only meant for the immediate moment but has a contingency plan for it exists for the future too. Thus we see the appearance of things rather than the essence of things as revealed to us. This is the reason why the man took long to invent computers. It was hidden in the contingency plan of future. Thus we could say we abstract things from the future and all the things man ever need are present in the contingency plan of big-bang.