White cotton grass

That was the white cotton grass which grew out of nothingness

and now salvage nature of its doings in the wilderness

I must profess the beer is not the solution to

balmy but cold nights of the tundra where I imagine to be

a sip of Heineken is a long lost battle of taste

where the sweet-maker says the taste is for the challenge

And I walk back besides a mongrel in the tropics

and life hastens like a recoil of a bullet shot in

the anticipation of the dew that lingers on like a white curtain

which when unveiled shows me a cabin of a room left by itself

and to me to smile on the journeys the men undertake

only to discover the white cotton grass of nothingness

Extending into each direction as if lost on its way

it tells the journeying men no way is untraversed.


The ocean bed

What thou has set upon the sails?

the sea is choppy and the waves intense

do I come to tell you it is life’s recompense

More deeper the waves lie its nothing but water

that is held everywhere as the ocean’s captive

do we not drown and go around the universe

with the earth’s rounds more and more elliptical bounds

I lie there on the ocean’s bed half undead

still, the earth is taking me around the sun

and the sun around the galactic shell

what is there more to tell?

A man marries a tree

In the dead of the frigid wind

nothing blows not even the cold leaves

of the sunken tree who had a spirit

feminine in the stark night

nothing could be seen

but his voice who had married the tree

beneath it was the treasure of life’ savings

where he had invested his fine fortune

to love the spirit who arose with the sun

and set on spotting the new moon

and empty hand stretched from the bark

they say the moon once had crimson light

when the tree was a full grown woman

and now nothing grows

not even the cold of December rain

and the man marries the tree

The lines on Jewellery

As frail as a flower
As royal as Queen’s behest
The necklace that’s treasure chest

As bright as the day
Crowning for glory
Kalgi she put on his turban for their love story

Earrings for the ear
I dress up for love’s sake
And with gold’s glitter I am awake

Waiting for love lost
Hoping he returns
As adorned with Jewels I turn

Splash of water
Petals and their musky fragrance
Come to Jagdish Jewellery with its radiance

The cosmic spirit, knowledge and time-space

What is the abandonment of life? Killing the will to choose between the material gains. We have common consciousness, having common evolution. Did evolution leave space for something other than matter? Is there a conception of the soul that eternally recur, though historically? Something that lasts between the birth, an immanent part of spirit circles the existence.

The evolution is a slow but gradual process how matter evolved into a shape and form that could navigate the space around. Is it there a reward associated with nature which has delivered what could be called the spirit? The spirit that pervades the cosmos in terms of (a) knowledge (b) existence in time-space. The knowledge is stored in the one Akasa and the akasa has time and space piercing it into infinity. It is from this common consciousness of evolution that man has been made aware of the cosmos and then he must pervade the cosmos scaling both time and space.

The spirit is the primordial sea in which lingers on the knowledge and with that knowledge is the necessity of occupation of time and space. So as I occupy time-space, I draw from the common pool the knowledge. So spirit is associated with knowledge. The more I draw on this knowledge the more I become cosmic.

The soulful men

Life is boring,

Love is demanding,

There are shadows on the tin wall,

these are the souls of the faceless men,

Who need not love nor live,

like the men who work in factories,

with favorite actresses strewn to thier shoulders,

nonetheless they love,

they demand besides food, sex,

the souls of these men I saw on the tin wall,

hardly waking or sleep,

but nontheless irony of the blood,

they run on water alone as if half living,

on the mercy of the rain,

they feed on the first shower

Discovering the future in spacetime

To make a choice is important otherwise you could be staring face to face in the eyes of death. For example, if you stop making choice, you could starve. But making a choice is the exercise of will which subdues the reason and weakens you. So we enter a dilemma about the will. What to do?

The one idea is to let the life take the course the other could be the denial of will as is done by many ascetics. But both are equally dangerous because the future is unknown. The universe-block though is predetermined in the sense that when you are born, the death is already prefixed in spacetime extending far into future. But the content of the spacetime is missing that is what you provide in exercising the choice.

Still, there is room for free will in a predetermined universe which leads to a paradox which the science has discovered in the form of quantum physics. The electron takes all of the infinite paths, once all the paths are taken the life at macroscopic level comes to unfold as a particular outcome. How is it possible? From infinte paths we move to some happening in the reality!

So in order to make the effective decisions, you need the earth’s whole resources and compute them through intelligent machines and then proceed towards colonization of the universe. It is like running all the infinite paths of the electron at the macroscopic level. Thus determining the future before colonizing the galaxy is a must.