love · Philosophy · poetry in motion

Timeless Love

Time is endless like in a thought,

spoken by the sage is thoughtless,

Nothing extinguishes fire but water,

While wind surges fires wild in forest,

The inner eyes thank the mighty earth,

For the birth of body devout as it seems,

To the roots, the body clutches like a

mighty flower that flowers in water


Nothing is permanent but time,

Salutes to its manifestation in

Thoughts of a sage, silent and aloof,

There are a beauteous form and nothing,

exists but the atom and the self without atom,

Is the soul of every man when on the,

mountains nothing sweeps silence but,

thin air that dwarfs ego and love is born

love · Philosophy · poetry in motion

Love for love’s sake

In the glow of afterglow of a tulip,

morphs shape into destiny,

never questioning the faith in a sublime tonal value,

of the imperceptible you, the blue water of the seas gushing.

the sensation of love flowing through is the cause of all love,

that I love you in the very essence of the thing,

is the answer to fallacies logic compiles,

in hosting itself in another soul,

the imperceptible you is the last sentence,

of racing towards God’s perimeter,

in calling goats a goat of spirituality,

hardly ever munching the words of passion,

I declare God is effusive of civilization,

that we hardly reconsider in knowing each other.

the gambit of a pawn brokering in the silence of the room,

when hardly anything moves but the essential being,

of King conquering the counsel of the world,

He is now no longer a rascal sleeping under the night sky,

that he too has the dreams of making king crown the glory,

of a pawn broker and love for love’s sake uniting.