Marx understood again

Man is a commodity numbed by deadened labour

so Marx did think the virtues of Capital are evil

To replace an evil he created a bigger evil -society

formed by one community all alleging to the single

party that ruled the soviet Russia till the vapors in the

air thinned and labour became diffused so with corruption

came the fall of the deadened labour called commune where

pillaged the God Marx as the most abused labourer

with perception, memory and imagination all dubbed as

communist agenda in the refification of a materiaist machine

On the dead end Marx succoured the milk of Banana republic

the commnuist jargon of a comrade out voicing the need for

a better socialist system- Troika to replace Swastika in a duel!


Mathematical cognition

Presupposition, I define as something derived from Notion itself and determined by Notion. What is the notion of a circle? A round figure made up of constant radii in all directions. So I presuppose the radius of a circle is based upon being equidistant from the centre of the circle. So any proposition having a circle would determine its relationship to any other notion as being equidistant at a constant radius. So I accept the notion of a circle as the proof of circle itself but there is a need for a proof of a circle. So this is inherently a limitation of Mathematics that the proof of basic notions is desirable otherwise it is reduced to a presupposition for other notions.

The principle of magnitude as determining the radius of the circle and the principle of equality as all circles adhering to the same notion of circle reduce the self-moving idea of becoming a circle to mere material that constitutes the circle.

Mathematical cognition thus has to do with unessential determinations, the determinations that make up the notions itself. So transcendence in Mathematics become really difficult unless some help is sought from Philosophy of Mathematics.

God as Basis for the knowledge

Will to know God is to seek knowledge in itself. But the beginning stumble is what is God? Who has given birth to God? These are hurdles  upon which the man must cross over to walk then in the realms of Knowledge.

God is the subject of itself that it doesn’t depend upon the predicate to define what it is. It is to be understood by the mere reflection of God into Himself. The beginner who wants to know the God must take God into the subject as familiar with it and then through the transcendental freedom where reason is not limited to any preconceived ends should he try to understand the God. It could not be defined but only reflected upon what we call God.

From where the God has come into existence? It is mythology that God lives in since there could never be a preconceived date of God’s birth. It could safely be assumed that God must be existing in the mythology ever since the mythology is there. To quote about from the mythology of God in Hindu religion we could assume the birth of God with mythology that is purely empirical in  nature. So God is born with mythology and hence from the psyche of man. Though we could assume that God had a beginning somewhere as everything must have a beginning even if it is in  mythology.

Every mythology has got an answer for the God’s birth but to look for definitive is to come out of the mythology itself into History and doesn’t make much sense.

Then how could we be have the actuality of God? The God could only be possible in the actuality if we empathize with the presence of God as absolute subject whose subject is the subject itself who is mediating upon the idea of God. Thus the subject must recognize himself with the God as subject as the God is the source of all action and the subject who is mediating upon God is merely reflecting upon the deeds of God hence bestowing praise upon the creation of God.

Computers presenting metaphysics as kinematics of the universe

Metaphysics is what stands out prior to physics. Physics is the elucidation of natural laws so metaphysics becomes what is prior to these laws that is existence as emboldened prior to the motion of heavenly bodies. That is the kinematics where the forces or masses of the bodies are simply ignored to feel the essence of motion alone.

Now how man stands in relation to metaphysics is important. The existence of man as to the nature of being is what corresponds to the study as metaphysics  before he could delve in the experience of the world, implying the empirical knowledge is subordinate to the existence which comes primary. So man as subject of being prior to his experience of the world corresponds to metaphysics.

The experience of man could be defined by all the knowledge excluding that of mathematics that he has gathered and computers define the existence of man prior to such experience. The model of computation could be used to know the existence of man such that every part of his existence is made up of objects and those objects define his world and that world could be defined in terms of object oriented design used in computers such that the universe is made up of systems and systems correspond to objects and the objects are made up of components. If somehow we could obtain the data exchanged by these components which falls under the linguistics, the computers have clearly defined the metaphysics in such case.

Computers define what is there before the dynamics of existence that is a component the subject or being is made up of  which is communicating with other components of the world which are in themselves other subjects interacting with myriad of objects.

What is reality and knowledge?


Reality is a state or influx of happening of a moment in time such that it encompasses an event in real space and unreal time. What is in the contents of time in a moment is the reality. The contents of time in space are ever changing though in a digital fashion.

The place of man in reality is through his mind that makes him aware of spatial-temporal existence. So it is mind that comprehends the reality and visibly create the semblance of order in it. The order existing in the universe is also of spatial-temporal nature. Hence the mind is well equipped to understand his position in the universe which could mean to make a sense of the reality.

Relationships make the order but we tend to classify and then observe in silence that everything is according to a preconceived pattern such that day and night are in tandem. Nothing interrupts the cosmic space. Day and night are related to light and darkness which in turn subsumes the relative knowledge and ignorance. So cosmic order evinces knowledge from where we begin our journey into the history of mankind. Knowledge is with thought. Hence thought is paramount in the scheme of things for man.

So man through his mind tries to make a sense of the reality by studying relationships inherent in reality through knowledge. So knowledge is paramount.

Consciousness as quantum leaps of knowledge

Mind over matter by fineartamerica.comMind is the source of alienation or togetherness as felt or perceived by the individual. Mind is the source of wellness of the individual. But why does matter let mind rule itself? The answer is consciousness streams the matter the way it appears to us. So no amount of matter is going to make sick unless you feel sickness in the mind. The illusion of matter is created by mind and consciousness believes in the illusion as far as the desire of the individual permits. Many ascetics who deny desire substantially lessen the illusion of matter. Their mind still could be sick. The importance of mind over matter is with quantum leaps of consciousness. The mind is thought to be storehouse of imagination as is being performed by the brain. The imagination grows and makes the world around as beautiful but substantial part of the imagination ought to be with the understanding of the universe which is possible only through knowledge. The mind accumulates knowledge which results in jumps or leaps of consciousness. Hence we feel important and wanted as we become aware of ourselves through increase in knowledge with quantum jumps of consciousness. These quantum leaps of consciousness is directly tantamount to the quantum leaps or jumps of matter which is the source of knowledge. Hence there is visible link of consciousness to the matter which it studies and encompasses itself to grow with the study of the matter.

All matter is only a possibility which is turned into actuality by the consciousness acquiring knowledge thus restoring the dominance of mind over matter to which the matter appears only as an image of hologram.

God must be a mathematician


God must have sold his metaphysics to buy physics and then must have sold physics to get mathematics and the world is counting ever since. Thus God must be a mathematician which Fibonacci must have discovered that the sequence is infinite when you begin with unity and replicate it. That is the first number is 1 then Fibonacci proceeded with 1 again instead of 2.

The block 1 1 2 3 5 could be otherwise a finite block 1 2 5 10 15 thus totaling 33.