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Hazardous days

In these hazardous days,

even air is empty of life,

like the soul of love,

which drinks water from the fountains,

in the wild heavens running with milky dew,

and nudges me in the elbow to belie,

what I have got,

an existence,

In essence,the winds blow,

and the air shuns its emptiness,

what is life?

A crossbed of desires,

to shake the mountains,

and in return embed,

it’s signature-

A dark temptation

art · Beauty · Philosophy · poetry in motion

The Powerbroker

In  boding love lives a lifespan of Powerbroker,

Who aligns with life at its foot hold,

And deign nothing more than the luck that portends,

itself as becoming a laughing stock in the association,

Of Italian saints now celebrating their existence,

in a bar readily cherishing  the material of love song,

that  he sang in mortuary the day her beloved died,

and to reconcile the fate to film on the screen,

where Hero lies and lies about truth of gravity,

That nothing binds him to the girl in spotted frock,

who frolicked like an angel in the arms of a devil,

half representing the work of  a Philosopher,

Daring to control the engine of poetic machinery,

stop-gaping now and then varied thorns among roses,

that he picked the rose and had decorated her hair.

Beauty · Philosophy

What is beautiful and what is not?

Beauty as it seems is a reflex behaviour of nervous system as in the case of Narcissus the look or glare at beautiful object is a reaction to what is not beautiful.  Narcissus stares at himself for there is no other idea which makes him look ugly.So before we conclude the idea of beauty we must discourse upon what is not beautiful. To describe the not so beautiful object, there is one word mundane meaning its boring to look at non -beautiful objects which hardly means it is exhilarating to look at beautiful objects.

We begin with Narcissus what impels him to keep on staring at himself? Whatever it is ,it is surely not mundane and neither too exhilarating. It must be beautiful. So within the limits of mundane and exhilarating we find a moment when an object of our own device compels us to keep on staring at it as if it were our own fond object. Yes, an object is beautiful if we are fond of it. But beauty is more than that. Beauty is ideation about existence where the absolute of existence matters more than that of mere existence. The turning of an object into beauty for us is a moment where the existence of object is absolute such that any relative consideration about anything else is redundant.

What is not beautiful hence is what is redundant of an object that we can’t desire to have. So the beauty must be an ideal thought of absolute existence for which becoming into anything else is redundant. Thus for Narcissus there is absolute existence for him in his reflection and hardly there is any other essence about himself other than beauty.

what causes the objects to be beautiful is the super-symmetry, for every symmetrical arc of an object there is an equally symmetrical other arc which reinforces the structure of the object as primary to the essence of object. Such objects are beautiful and there is hardly any other reason to have anything as attribute for the object.