Dreary rituals

The catcall was impressive,

The minnows threw out their fists as if dead corpse is seen in naked light

The huge show was a fluster, everybody knew the host, nobody knew the time

Or the space they were visiting was from my previous birth

On Sunday the catcall finished, my birthday in this birth

So called the deeds if the men when the showroom opened

A dressed gentleman put the garlanding as if student of life by heart

A single dove perched on the hands of Buddha, meditating yet thinking

Love is on the way, so many centuries hence the buddhas’ day

This day came frying open to the public in distress

And the maidens’ in obsessed of the sunlight

In the end the day was hopping on the clairvoyant’s shoulders

The giants appearing pygmies and the pygmies the giants

The Jupiter in its outer shell was calmed by a Pundit

Seen staring at the fire and the hoop was well advanced into the final hour.


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