August of 2018 to be

The wind howled all day long, unusual for August

When the child from the neighbourhood was blowing whistles

to calm the horsemen falling from the horses one by one

the day had come for reckoning of the king of the woods

Who shall be? The child had two friends who desired

to rule the woods but for this howling the sun had eloped

to the west under the thick shroud of the clouds,

It began to rain, and one by one the horsemen entered

the village’s guest house to smoke tobacco they had brought

from the faraway lands, the child too sniffed the tobacco

and rolled under the spell of the Gods, now rain had turned into sleet

and as the capping woods were becoming resplendent with water

she rolled the sleeves to let the day pass wholly, madly into the east

and into her folded skirt fell the diamond of the blue nest

and she became the queen of the woods, it was the tobacco

that plunged into the nostrils of the dove that let off the diamond

fall into the skirt of the dandy girl- a male malevolent annoyance

to the woods, she was crowned by the fire and the wine to taste

the last days of August – the queen of the woods an endearing cuckoo!


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