Memory over matter

I am bereft of memory dying in its repose

Clearly, the sands of the beach are white

My Numbed body is relieved in the lying pose

all the whiteness is clouded by a thought of kite


This is the day of Caviar that has come my way

You tell me the matter is somewhat mind

and all the chatter that you happen to say

will not convince me an inch to uphold memory that I find


Is the mind’s a courageous imagery of perception

Till I gratify my senses to reel under and object

the very creed of love and hate entwined in imagination

While I go rowing and steer, the waters affect


my soul in binding love for love’s sake

until you morphing into a mermaid  I detect

under the pale moon’s greyed light’s take

I reject everything saying solemnly select


the wilderness of the seas in noise

I shun all the material world

and you sit with poise

to launch on to what memory furled


You and I coiled in as leaves of grass and curled




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