A Mortuary

Morbid and death stood silent watcher to the

song of lovers deep in the den of marauders

who having won the war for Africa now were

a bunch of laymen running a mortuary where

they would bury all those who were lost to the jungle

In the wake of aliens swarming the forests in

a search of etheral gold found on the planet earth

and the gentler folk of Eurpoean cascade bringing

fire to the forests burning all those found on land

and the marauders picking the souls of the dead

on their sunken shoulders say about mercenaries

going haywire under the burning sun that torpids

land scroched with blood and heat, as the mortuary

was full of gothic spirirt and the charms of the slain

An adieu was uttered by a maiden to his first love

who was brought dead from the alien swipe while

European conquest stood imperial and isolated

Mortuary was full of the stench mixed with cropses

of the stocky built of either race Alien or European

in the middle of Africa- the land of nowhere!



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