The Seas

The merchant ship was billowing over the charted waters

And Isco smiling smartly to heave a sigh of scented air

as the chirpy wind of the southerly seas dampening

the milieu on the deck where lay under the sun, Nikita

The day was a bright jewel that Nikita wanted to wear on her finger

but the sun cast shadows were soon eclipsed by the clouds

and she fidegted the finger with a wire of the mobile phone

It was all dead matter and only thing that mattered was the sea

the water soon became flushed with the rainy water and

everything abated in the mad rush for a stream of love

Nonetheless love is the dose for those who lack pain

whatever is the name, the cascading curtains fill the space

as if Cinema has let loose all the goons over the swoon

of Nikita who now tangently drew the cycle of cirque

while the sun rested and rested till the silence of yes

was faced with the hop s,oked by Isco and dressed negeliently

he jumped into the sea.


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