A World Cup 2018

The beats come to uphold the battle of soccer giants

from the hooting of the spectators

to a truer challenge of grit and sitting in an Italian association

I walk down the prime stairs of heaven as if opening into an open space

sinking with the soccer was a team who kept Hertha Berlin silent

and Madonna glimpsing the sky in anticipation of a goal

was on the other side of heaven punishing the heathens

Thence rip off the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo subdivided by men

left to pick ups gifts from the stalls on the lower side of the mall on heaven

stuck in Mississauga was the woman who thought zero was invented

for a goalless draw while the enchanting of the bold claims

for a World Cup triumph parried Peru and Poland, lowly among the supple

who could thought the socialism will pave to the doors of World Cup exits?

In merciless stair the queen of Japan saluted the spirit of fine men!






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