The Lyrical Painter

He painted hollow and the hollowed men

An empty eye and an emptied face for the urn

in which the fate would dissolve love like a foam

of a wizard who would induce more of lyrical love

and then the queen who wished to be a ballerina

to steal a place into the heart of the audience


He would paint the queen and the ballerina

given to the artist as stranglers of thought

and then again to strangle the mob and

win the war against the third rike till the death

of innocence in the painter and, he would produce a marvel

of colour upon colours like staking claims on the playing cards

to guess the card the queen had,

the plum of hearts but not a chance for the ballerina

for she had a knight to herself as shinning armour


and he painted a lyrical ballad of yore on to the canvas

the ballerina having come to dance and the queen

as a dying morph of the dance both as one.


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