The Fan page

Where the memories rest in anticipation of love

where the mountains are climbed by the moles

Sit the biggest fan of the sun,

a poet so poor as to eat half a meal a day

and under the shaodows of his head comes the sparrow

which listens to the beat of a maiden’s music

with tightening noose as the prison around the mob

which listens to her, the poet being a fan of the sun

whorshipes the maiden’s shaodow endowed with love

the poet having missed all the meals arose

and left the garden in silence for the clouds had engulfed the sun

and with the falling rain came the last dirge

the sun having floated to the other world

where lives the maiden’s father and the poet

having left the garden turned on the fanpage

of the cosmos with the sparrow pecking at maiden’s hourglass

who was the goddess of dirge that the heavens listened to her

and now the poet had fallen asleep over the fanpage

and dreamt about the other world of heavenly bodies

revolving around him!




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