Will the tyrant die of tuberculosis for he was a chaste smoker?

No, he didn’t while he paced the apartment up and down breathing

hastily for more air than there is in the universe for he was an emperor

who built the shanty town kingdom of gold and had a pinnacle of thought

in worshipping the Buddha! Would he renounce his kingdom to a saint?

No! he was a tyrant I told you and had a silly habit of making mincemeat of flies

that would buzz through his doors.  He lost the patience and left his kingdom

to mourn the sacrificial goat that woman was with whom he fell in love with

He walked the forest in the pantomime of the God and had his nose sullied

in both war and love as they were in the providence of the lord!

Now the Buddha sits a top on his throne in a statue that would propel

the tyrant to give up cruelty in the light of forsaken love he pursued.


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