Waiting on the oceans’end

I wait for you here on the ocean’s seam where the land ends

waiitng for you to join so that in the oceans we could descend

Still its been the morning when eye lashes of primal love

show it myriad faces

Picking from the sand the mask of love that you would possess

when coming to meet me on the horizons where love surfs

and the pardonable ship sets the sails off to the distant port

but we could be meant for the love’s poetic sport

I wait and wait till the seasons end and end with it the

calypso charmers on the drfting seas where lie the rubies of water

and depth unmeasurable to man.

Listless the sun squirms like an infant who is just on the primal air

to last on a long hiccup of solar winds that engulfs the earth

I still wait for you under the pale red sun but the dates run

like cheaters on the highway having made short the work at

nearby physicst’s shop if they ever have one.



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