How notion is different from essence?

Existence is self-determinate in the sense that it has more to do with living than non-living or abstract concepts that form the core of any Philosophical system. After the existence and before anything abstract comes the idea. But the idea is inadequate on itself to explain the abstract concepts like holy, beauty and the eternal. Hence we move on to the abstract concepts. Of which the first is the notion of substance. The notion of the substance is based on something more than existence which is external to the substance. This something else is self-moving and self-differentiating that is called pure notion or notion. So notion arises with the substance which arises with existence.

The notion further depends upon the content that it espouses and it is the content that leads us to the essence. So love could be the content of a notion of loving which depends primarily on the existence. So it seems, to love the existence is required but that is not the case as we could love things that are purely abstract and without living existence like freedom, democracy and so on.


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