Truth in falsehood

Caught between the true shape and the appearance the substance has, it becomes imperative to know the thing through mathematical cognition. Appearance could be deceptive, it might be illusory to view substance as is perceived. Universe poses such a facade as every star is at a mammoth distance from every other star so that we depend upon constellations to group the stars that are close by when viewed from the earth. It is the world of appearances that we indulge in when confronting such constellations. Now to view the true shape of the stars we need mathematical certainty to its location and position.

So what we have got is true mathematical precision and an appearance that offers approximation to the position of stars in terms of constellations. Such that the two notions offer different essences. The false that is the appearance of the constellation is the negative of the substance, that is stars and galaxies are present in the truth itself that is the mathematical positioning of the stars. Though we cannot say that constellation is the component of the distances between the stars. So we could say that in every falsehood or appearance is a grain of truth. The appearance of constellations indicates there is a grain of truth as to the distances between the stars falling in the same constellations. Thus to say false may not be false as such. As Hegel would say, it is the complete otherness that we confront in the two disparate notions.


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