Logic is speculation

I speculate about the existence of the true being , that is that part of the being which hardly falls under the influence of time , put in other words that means the true being does not age . Such speculation forms the basis of what is called logic .

It is exactly in the whatness of substance , that is what is the substance , in essence , I construct my logic . What follows is the logic of the true being or the soul . The whole idea of life is the process of knowing the substance and as a result becoming in oneness with the substance . So as Hegel puts forward , I begin with the ‘I ‘ and moves towards the substance , the distinction between the two forms the negative . So the soul is the first principle from where the movement of the body occurs . Now the negative indicates the disparity between the substance and the object . The first principle that moves the cosmos is the soul of the cosmos likewise the movement of the body in relation to the subject ‘I ‘ is the soul of the ‘I’ .

The goal of the becoming through knowing the substance is to be identical with the essence . So the first principle is the logic of the substance and thus basis of all the speculation . So inherently the substance is the spiritual substance as the object of the self and is the goal of all the speculation .


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