Three observations about Time

1. Time is unreal, relative and infinite that it ticks forever maybe it has an end when it   begins to tick again like an eternal spirit.

2.There is a possibility when time exists as an independent dimension in another parallel universe where it extends from -infinity to +infinity without any matter hence without any event which could be termed as timelessness, in other words, time is forever existing as a singularity.

3.A discrete quantum state that particle experiences with respect to the previous state, the difference in the two states is passage of matter and hence measure of time, though the previous state does not exist hence there is no past.


11 thoughts on “Three observations about Time

    1. Hi ! According to the oriental thought, time is eternal, the infinitude prior to big-bang is a continuation of time itself, that there was timelessness in which the eternal God has His abode.


      1. Im not sure which Asian school your talking. But time and space are physical processes and define all physical relationships. Everything physical exists within a framework of time and space. Time is an emergent property.
        No physical reality then there is nothing for it to emerge from!


        1. I agree with you. What I am referring to is Hindu thought that prior to time is time itself! The world of soul it means has no bearing on Time. Time though according to Einstein is with space irrespective of matter and only under gravitation, that is matter it contracts.


          1. Without matter there is no time or space. The material world is finite and is only a subset of the greater reality. Without the physical world time and matter have no meaning.


          2. Without matter and energy there is no volume, no mass, no velocity and no duration. In a non physical realm time and space are based on comparatives between physical elements. Without a physical reference how do you know space is large or small?

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            1. Physical quantity is under the influence of time as it ages but there exists a non-physical quantity that is not under the influence of time and that is the soul of the man which essentially is energy without matter and like a photon of light is massless.


              1. Light is the exchange particle of the electromagnetic force, it is as physical as time, space, matter and energy. Even nonlinear time is a property of physical reality.
                If there was a Big Bang and only one history, then the physical universe is finite…it emerged from something else where time, space, matter and energy do not apply or do these rules.

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                1. Light though electromagnetic force, is without mass. We have energy e= hv thus we have a frequency regardless of matter, and hv=mc^2 means we have certain frequency which cannot end with the decay of matter, like a weak nuclear force the frequency or vibration must yield an entity upon decay of matter that is death, which we call soul, a non-physical quantity!


                  1. There had to be something non physical before the creation of our physical universe. It’s not unreasonable to assume that the universe is completely symmetrical. If this is true then if you ad together all of the positive and negative energy within the universe that all physical reality would cease…the sum of the Totality is Zero!
                    This implies that no net physical energy was inputted externally in the moment of creation. Physical creation was brought into existence by separating opposite energies and the separation of these opposites is required to maintain physical reality.
                    So before creation something existed, something non physical…light is a physical phenomena! Light is not generated randomly, it is generated and emitted only once the exchange has been determined. It is determined in nonlinear time where the past, present and future all exist simultaneously, but travels through space in linear time at 186000 miles per second.
                    You are using physical phenomena like light to describe the non physical totality underlying everything. Physical reality had a beginning and will end, but something real but not physical was before and will be after this universe.

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