Metaphysics of cellular automata- Digital model of the universe

Cellular automata is a discrete time based step evolution of  cells depending upon the condition of neighbouring grids. The postulate of cellular automata assumes life is digital inside the living organisms as when we listen to music there is digital firing of neurons inside our brain. Now why cellular automata is important that it predicts the model of universe which is essentially digital yet conforming to the laws of thermodynamics that there is increase in disorder with the passage of time.

The life in the universe from consciousness to bacteria has evolved through discrete steps that laid the survival conditions in such a way that could be predicted by a computer algorithm but difficult to verify in reality.

The whole metaphysics deals with cellular nodes, space and time. Matter is represented by cellular nodes that create an illusion of space around the universe. The nodes are the matter that is distinct from space. The particles of matter are cellular gliders that move through the space whether at quantum level or at celestial level and the whole movement is tracked by the giant celestial computer having many computational cycles.

Now each observer runs his or her own celestial network and all inhabit a universe of their own with the laws of nature dictated by the cellular computation which indeed clearly describes all the nodes. This thus satisfies Einstein’s theory of relativity while still managing the Newtonian physics at each node level.

The whole theory of Cellular Automata is thus based on quantum entanglement and the wave collapse function. The quantum entanglement says each node or point in universe engages other point in a series of engagements such as possessing opposite spin to the other point separated by huge distance. So it makes sense that an observer might be having an entanglement with a far point in the space. So the cellular nodes engage in the quantum entanglement. So one point or cellular node communicates its spin naturally to the other that has opposite spin without ever sending or transmitting any information. Thus the state of the system is self-evident.


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