What Einstein meant by God does not play dice

Einstein once famously remarked “God does not play dice with the universe”. But what he meant by that is the strongest criticism of physical science with Quantum mechanics as the discipline of Physics under question. What he really meant could be summarized in a hypothesis that does guarantee according Einstein how to approach the subject matter of Physics. His chief points concerning the above saying could be summarized as follows.

  1. Game of dice is a game of chance as opposed to the  experimental method of physical science verifying the scientific speculation of the theory.
  2. As such a finite mind is limited to know the reality of the universe in the body of the omnicomplete work of science and if the mind in question employs a method as likely as a game of dice, the mind nodubtedly be unable to verify the theory according to experimental verification.
  3. The game of dice thus misapplies the omnipotent knowledge to the object of understanding.
  4. The object of understanding of science is like a God, complete and omniscient.
  5. From the above reasoning Einstein concluded the Quantum physics like the game of dice uses probability to measure the object of understanding , which is God in nature thus concluding Quantum Physics is incapable of any worthwhile study of physical science.

But that is not the case so, though probability is used to estimate the position and momentum of particle, the state of particle is clearly described as a position and momentum number though it means that both position and momentum cannot be determined simultaneously. Either there is a particle or momentum but if there is momentum though relativity assumes we are sure there is particle, in Quantum Physics we cannot be sure if there is particle in spite of knowing its momentum. That is the uncertainty Einstein implied.


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