What is Brahman?

You are the word, the word is Brahman, as revealed by self, Brahman himself so you don’t have much to opt out of what was heard from your mouth, beware what you speak! The knowledge could be believed to be revealed by what was heard and nothing remembered. So it implies anyone could be a Brahman who reveals what actually is heard from inner self Brahman through direct experience. The knowledge in ancient India began through hearing called Sruti when everyone was a Brahman revealing to others the divine knowledge for Brahman was a seed of self in everybody. So there is no need for any deity, God or a human to reveal things to Brahman but the Brahman himself. So there is no author of Vedas as revealed to sages in direct contact with nature. It was Rishis perfecting everything and were careful as such in revealing to others for what was heard was Shruti.

Shruti is a Sanskrit word meaning what was heard or listened to. Memory as such has no role to play in the revelation of nature. Hence all earlier Hindu Philosophy has emerged from the Brahman or the word that appears in a textual form in the Upanishads.


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