The Ego

I gallop on a horse,

returning from afar,

fields of knowledge,

distract me for,

food of thought,

My ego is in saddle,

love belongs to me,

and in this world,

I behold nature,

as pure as water,

of the holy being,

my alter ego,

dresses me for God,

and returning from,

the communion,

do I think,

another thought,

of God’s Kingdom,

In Eden’s backyard,

where my Ego was born,

and Id grew to dispel,

what cannot be played,

my voice on a,

gramophone record,

I became a singer,

and love knew,

no bounds,

till the ego,

withdrew and,

all was gone,

And I became,

a monk forlorn,

idle on the hills,

my ego would,

die they say,

and I would,

never be reborn.


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