Why Bollywood is ugly art?

It’s the intellect and will that determine the taste we engender in terms of aesthetic judgements we form in society. The current Bollywood art doesn’t show much intellect as was the case with Avante-Garde Italian cinema where intellect significantly influenced the will to form a taste that would be an epitome of artistic endeavours.

As German philosopher, Kant would say about artistic experiences that they suggest purposiveness without purpose. In the Bollywood, there is though purposelessness but it is not with any purposiveness that we could consider the film as a work of art. The problem inherently lies in the Indian Vedic culture which though brilliant in its trappings but has hardly evoked an overwhelming response from the people to be comprehended since India became independent. Moreover, the Vedic system is rigid and unable to incite a spark among the film directors or actors that the intellect has receded in the films.

Likewise seeing dud Bollywood films which lack technique and execution of thought, the taste of the people has not refined enough to accept the films based on cataclysmic theatre like ‘Waiting for Godot’. Nor does the taste have refined enough to accept any ideology like Naturalism, Realism, Existentialism etc. This has been due to the fact that films are produced for the sole purpose of profit and as such the will is more objectified to recognize the universe as an entity that supports the matter to be endured and enjoyed rather than to be thought or discoursed about.

No wonder the bollwood is ugly art in retrsopect of the cinema influenced by Satayajit Ray which though was realsitic yet showed the poverty affecting India. There have hardly been works that required overwhelming subject matter and likewise, there has been hardly an oeuvre with a little effluent and extravagant treatment of the subject.


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