Self-love in art

There is self-love that makes us want things for ourselves and this self-love might make us escape aesthetic judgements as to whether a certain person is beautiful or not. If he /she is really beautiful we might escape passing a judgement for we love ourselves. Self-love is an impediment to loving others.

In art, we attempt to define what is beautiful and we want to communicate that feeling of beauty to others. But what we might communicate is trivial and hence many beautiful works of art could belie the art itself as they fail to communicate what is inherently contained in nature, the love for others. It is self-love that we encounter which makes us fail to communicate anything significant. Why we would deny ourselves in the first place for we love ourselves more than is necessary. The works of art which fall under mediocre fail to communicate for the artist loves himself/herself more than the work of art could permit.

We cannot reason the work of art for we cannot compel the onlooker to like the work of art on other than merits that a work of art must constitute like fine execution, bold symmetry, empathetic choice of colours etc. By employing self-love as a tool in the art as propagated by cinema, is more like a phallus worship for it engenders love for the self rather than others so cinema is destroyed by a constructivist mind that wants to build a montage rather than a film.


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