What art could lead to?

The existence need not be dependent on any transcendence to take place so that it could find meaning. We could find meaning in any forms that might represent existence. The forms must be coherent shapes that must invoke a non-determinant or reflective judgement as to the aesthetic sense is concerned which subsumes the whole picture into a cradle of nothingness.  Yes, we begin with nothingness in art till it acquires some volume of colour and tone of light to show what the artist needs to show an influx of emotion.

Transposing the existence through the immediate substance that lends its colour to the represented substance that artist wishes to explore. Could we negate the nothingness, to begin with, so that we could end up with some coherent form? We could move through the other way also by viewing the canvas as something and then negating it to be nothing and end up with a form that shows passive indifference like any existence.

So we have two ways something or nothing to view all art. The art could be a vigour force of life to show us meaning or it could be passive indifference to show us nothing. In either case, the art object is a complete work of art irrespective of the artist’s skill which has got more to do with execution and beauty than the thought and truthfulness that makes an object of art, art in the first place.

What in the end an art object is a familiarity with nothing or knowing or being of something.  Both these elements exist in a great work of art leading art into undetermined. Both are the doors of knowing, the activity of thinking substance.


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