Towards artless society

Artless though we seem, we, in fact, have repudiated art in favour of arty reproductions of life that art appears to be missing from our life. Hardly in today’s creations, we come across a deep artistic fulfilment that we do not realize the object as intrinsically artistic though we seem to enjoy it more or less. Painting it seems is almost dead, so is sculpture as we have engaged more or less in technology, and cinema in an effort to compete with technology hardly produces any meaningful artistic productions.

The result of lack of artistic development has made us escaping the aesthetic judgement of beauty for the complex nervous mechanism that produces any artistic impression leaves us more or less in fear of attaining sexual gratification, as we see art as competing for sexual fulfilment of life. In art we see our basic instincts floundering for fulfilment as the lack of good art has set up lower artistic standards and consequently has resulted in depleting aesthetic judgements.

Consequently, we are moving towards becoming artless scoiety, the society which though produces artistic objects yet is artless. So basically the categories to which the work of art could belong are depleting with time so that there is difficulty in determining the work of art unlike in the past when there were subsequent movements describing the underlying work like surrealism. Today there is no conception of time as free in the sense an artist hardly deems to be indulging in the idleness of moments before producing the work of art. In the fast-paced technological world there seems to be very little freedom of will to produce a genuine piece of art and we indeed are becoming an artless society in contrast to the times when there was not any significant technology though artistic sense was great.


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