What is death?

Death seems everpresent in the universe from stars to living organisms all undergo death. But in the case of humans, it must be different for human beings have consciousness, unlike matter, that they reflect upon themselves. Then what death seems to bring is the end to this reflection upon itself. The question arises what happens when the consciousness goes?  To clearly understand this we must first learn what is will. what is that keeps us hanging on to life?

Will is the faculty that escapes everything. What that matters is that will is a volition or desire that tends to escape all the objects it sets upon hence the inherent life. For example, I might will to see a film, then the very same will escapes me when I begin to watch the film, the will thus tends to set upon some other object it fancies, It is because of very escaping of will to see the film .that I am able to watch the film. Then it must be the conscious reason that keeps me hooked on to the film. So while will escape everything reason is the opposite that establishes everything. It is the reason that makes sense of the film and keeps me glued to the film I am watching. Then what happens when I die? It is the escaping will that escapes everything for the last time and consequently, reason or consciousness is gone, The consciousness is the state of matter so in death the will gives up and all the matter is escaped once and for all.

What happens next? The opposite of will besides reason is the infinite, that faculty that escapes nothing. It is the same infinity that mathematicians are used to. So upon death infinity is established, the presence of nothing but the infinitude. So consciousness is replaced by the infinitude in the absence of reason and it cannot evolve itself any further and the possibility of a soul is established. So when we die, nothing must return, what we were before the birth of consciousness and from there to infinitude what matter was before consciousness.

Infinitude is everywhere upon death, unlike nothing that is a transition of consciousness from something to nothing to infinitude. It could be the same infinitude that pervaded the matter before the birth of space-time continuum. It is the continuum that the soul escapes into infinitude.


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