Integration of matter

Before big-bang the universe existed as one giant particle without any differentiation, there was no distance and size did not matter. It was the ideal case with no perfect ideal. Though it would have mass, yet no distance hence no space. The one particle type did not have any time-period for it had the infinite frequency.

Moving from infinite frequency to zero frequency and the birth of space

Expanding time indicates infinite frequency which could yield an infinitesimally small velocity.

Infinitesimally small velocity could yield a momentum sufficient enough to cause big-bang which is basically differentiation of matter. Such velocity is therefore for sufficient infinite time which has infinite interval such that time is zero. Infinitesimally small velocity yielding a sufficient momentum over the infinite period of time could be called integration of matter. So there must be a divine force for big-bang to occur which was not randomly chosen but must be the result of infinite small additions of infinite intervals of time yielding a frequency equal to zero and birth of nothing which resulted in big-bang.


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