Why is there an appearance of something?

I reflect upon the universe for I am conscious in an advanced manner as consciousness reflecting upon itself. Then why do things appear as they are instead of revealing the true nature of themselves? The car appears to be as it is rather than revealing itself of various components which no doubt is revealed on closer inspection. But why to inspect closely why not car reveals its essence immediately when we see one?

The things exist according to the laws of Quantum Physics which forbids to reveal the truer self unless closely examined for the universe was created with a contingency plan for the creation needed to project itself into the future as is proved by Science, the universe is expanding. The expanding universe indicates there was a contingency plan in big bang to project far into the future.

Now when I see a car, the car is not only meant for the immediate moment but has a contingency plan for it exists for the future too. Thus we see the appearance of things rather than the essence of things as revealed to us. This is the reason why the man took long to invent computers. It was hidden in the contingency plan of future. Thus we could say we abstract things from the future and all the things man ever need are present in the contingency plan of big-bang.


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