God as Basis for the knowledge

Will to know God is to seek knowledge in itself. But the beginning stumble is what is God? Who has given birth to God? These are hurdles  upon which the man must cross over to walk then in the realms of Knowledge.

God is the subject of itself that it doesn’t depend upon the predicate to define what it is. It is to be understood by the mere reflection of God into Himself. The beginner who wants to know the God must take God into the subject as familiar with it and then through the transcendental freedom where reason is not limited to any preconceived ends should he try to understand the God. It could not be defined but only reflected upon what we call God.

From where the God has come into existence? It is mythology that God lives in since there could never be a preconceived date of God’s birth. It could safely be assumed that God must be existing in the mythology ever since the mythology is there. To quote about from the mythology of God in Hindu religion we could assume the birth of God with mythology that is purely empirical in  nature. So God is born with mythology and hence from the psyche of man. Though we could assume that God had a beginning somewhere as everything must have a beginning even if it is in  mythology.

Every mythology has got an answer for the God’s birth but to look for definitive is to come out of the mythology itself into History and doesn’t make much sense.

Then how could we be have the actuality of God? The God could only be possible in the actuality if we empathize with the presence of God as absolute subject whose subject is the subject itself who is mediating upon the idea of God. Thus the subject must recognize himself with the God as subject as the God is the source of all action and the subject who is mediating upon God is merely reflecting upon the deeds of God hence bestowing praise upon the creation of God.


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