How could we be free?

Freedom is the degree  to which  I am not liable to any thing, idea, individual or abstract reality that limits my existence. Reason needs freedom for its very existence. If I take up a job to further my career, it is only that I am liable to that individual or organization that limits my existence though the job or organization caters to my existence in providing me with an opportunity to make money which is the most important entity for freedom. Will I limit my existence for making money? It is a compromise I must reach or indulge in an activity which places me in a position to be free from any bondage to anyone.

Though money is important, the freedom is more important as it germinates reason, the building block of knowledge.

I am able to take critical study of my situation only if I am free to do so otherwise I am reclined to dogmatism as taking up what others think I must take up as dogma.So without freedom religion becomes a dogma. Hence having a job and visiting the Church is an instance of dogmatic behavior and deserves any criticism.

The study of God or the soul such that I am aware of it without going to any experience means it is transcendent and I could study the scriptures without any experience of it through pure reason, But for this to happen, I must be free in the first place. There should not be any constraints.

The freedom is to choose the series of cause and effect in such a way that there is no liability to any cause which in turn defeats the very sense of freedom. If we choose a deterministic world, we end up loosing our freedom as the laws of nature invariably bind us to the inevitability of fatalistic universe.

So in the end to be free we must choose indeterministic world where we are not bound to any cause as shown by the quantum physics.


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