String theory is about God

Abstraction could be sensible as existing from the senses like she showed kindness towards the beggar. Or abstraction could be insensible like a circle drawn within the square.

String theory presupposes sensible and modifies the object of sensibility when some of the abstractions are sensible while the others like string theory itself presupposes the sensible.

String theory differs from the idea of God  as God presupposes sensible but never modifies the object of sensibility which in fact never exists in this case. So for String Theory to define the premises of God, it must take into consideration the pure being which is pre supposed as prior to experience and never exists but as an abstraction that is insensible or a priori.

The being here is not the being of human beings but the one that could be the same for all other beings. So string theory defines the sensible as for all beings and in doing as such elaborates on the condition which limits the pure being to just that what it ought to be, insensible. Thus String Theory defines in way a God the object of which never exists.


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