Is universe boring?

Given the laws of nature everything is predetermined even our fate. So is the universe boring? Yes it is. Apart from the freedom we think we have we might not be free at all. We might be compelled by nature itself to behave like we do. We are bound by our brain to known substances that react in a particular way and as such we all have  a predisposition , the way we are. Given our inclination we are more or less captive of our own nature. However I might try I cannot bear comedy movies. So my fate is predetermined with what I choose which Schopenhauer called ‘will’ and what I call nature.

Nature is quite different from volition or will in the sense it seeks reason more passionately than mere choice. I choose what I get but that was already wired into me. Hence I know my choice before hand. Now most of us play games with nature as trying to get what we desire and spend life in utter misery since its quite boring to seek what we already desire and to make it interesting we introduce the stimuli of ‘money’, another caveat for our dismal show as far as our intellect is concerned.

However interesting we might make our life by playing games with ourselves, there is a purpose for which we might not be cut out for, LOVE,  like loving everyone around us, which seems preposterous but that kills the boredom of playing games with oneself in getting status, position, even knowledge or power. In fact however powerful Hitler might have been, he was captive of his own device, pre-programmed to take humanity to doom.

Two things stand out in first place the universe is an illogical place to be and we make it possible through struggle with logic. Secondly as we struggle with logic, simplicity soon becomes unmanageable and it turns into complexity.


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