Why Big-Bang needs a creator?

Prior to Big Bang

Laws of nature were set at Big Bang, ‘nothing’ mattered only prior to these laws. The laws define space and time-the forms for existence, hence the concrete universal. What is abstract is still ‘half-nothing’ as it does have content but no form. ‘Nothing’ that existed prior to Big Bang had no content and no form ,which could not be put into a proposition as it would have form then. So no proposition existed with the abstract ‘half-nothing’. So half-nothing has no place in logical space. Thus abstract has no place in the universal and must be existing elsewhere in ‘nothing’. Hence abstract time and space must be existing in the ‘half-nothing’ that is prior to Big Bang.

At Big Bang

Big Bang is illogical to begin with as it assumes a singularity where time is undefined and when the time becomes defined we immediately face infinite time that is eternity looming large in front of us. The instance of abstract time is made and abstract space gives place to real space. So God Particle manifested.

After Big Bang

The whole becoming from the first state till now the world has been illogical.So the world is illogical to begin with but thought or man struggles against all odds to bring in logic into the world. It is logic that we yet to see illogical in the very essence of creation though the creation to begin with was illogical. Thus we make logic to replace what could have been illogical to start with.

If we exclude God from existence we are left with logic about the illogical which is not a desirable state-of-affairs for the civilisation. Hence the illogical could be replaced by the logic of God, as logic is necessary to replace illogic, God is necessary to replace nothingness which could be the state of the universe prior to Big-Bang. Logic of God says there is supreme being as opposing nothingness like logic replacing illogic. Light replacing darkness. Knowledge replacing ignorance. God replacing nothingness.

Conclusion Big Bang must have a creator. Stephen Hawking imagines something is ‘nothing’ when actually ‘nothing is something’ whose opposite is God. That calls for parallel universes and God is massive than ever.


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