Wittgenstien’s Tractatus as logical compendium to Ethics and Time

Wittgenstein’s work is all ethical to make substance appear more as ethical than metaphysical and that is the reason Tractatus is arcane to understand. Basically Wittgenstein proposes two statements as to contain the enough meaning of the reality, one statement as relative and trivial while the other as ethical or absolute. So the becoming of being for Wittgenstein is ethical. For example

Consider the following two statements

  1. trivial and relative to other days and closer to nonsense–> I am kind on Sundays
  2. ethical and absolute-> I go on Mass on Sundays

Time in either case plays a vital role in both the statements and abstracts itself without making any instance of clock time. Thus time abstracts itself and lends the world as moral.

In the first case, though kindness is directly applied it makes it closer to trivial or nonsensical.

In the second case, though kindness is not mentioned but it brings to life an essence of going to Church which is good and wholeheartedly means a kind or good act.

Conclusion -> Time is abstract and space is real thus leading the world as moral or ethical.



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