‘Absolute’ according to Hegel

Absolute has more to do with the idea of becoming something in the world. In whole the world is becoming something out of the attributes the being possess. Being is the subjective whole of the world. Though it is preposterous to say the world is becoming a nicer place since the world has no being of itself to begin with, it is a valid entity. So we become from being as something which must not be taken as predicate of the subject. It is deeper as according to Hegel, essence consummates itself through its development and the result is the absolute. So this is the nature of absolute to be actual, subject and spontaneous.

From the beginning to the result, the absolute is universal such that it defines nothing more than it says. Likewise Hegel gives an example of ‘all animals’ mean nothing about zoology though it suggests a universality in the beginning. Thus the word absolute or divine says nothing extra about the universality.

The absolute through the means of a proposition becomes something other which is a sort of mediation. This becoming of something else is considered to be absolute cognition when it is being considered in place of mediation such that mediation is present in absolute.


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